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Status of the HD Emu
12-13-2011, 04:05 AM,
Status of the HD Emu
Hello Peeps,
i know its long long time ago as we posted something related to the Emu.

I decided that its now time to post something.
On the first : No HD Emu isnt dead - its far away from Smile.

Morpheus is really busy atm at his job as C# Programmer (so he learns thing that we will really need later Smile) and he has not really internet there where he is .

So i decided to doing further development on HD Emu - and as morpheus did really much for it , its my turn now to give something back.

I spent much time to go deeper in it the last weeks and now i am working on improving the source we have.

At this case i dont want just to add "honey features".
Means : Features will come slow as we know how it should REALLY be.

When will be a new version released ?
"Its done when its done" - the current Version has major changes to the last Version that we released.

What are the next step atm where i am working on?
- Dynamic Margin Data Loading (maybe with a Config Setting "DEV = TRUE" that in Dev state it still loads all Static Data) - cause in Dev Stage it doesnt make Sense to have all Empty Smile).
- DELETE Character - DONE!
- Create Character - CURRENTLY WORKING ON IT.
- Hardline Teleports (the REAL Way - not the crappy change Coord way. So that you can change the District) - CURRENTLY WORKING ON IT TOO!
[Image: neofinal.png]
HD is now 100% Reality Code independent.
Now margin server packet analyse . Status 5/15.

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