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Full Version: Emu screenshots
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Using Some Emotes on the new server....

[Image: screenshot_1026.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_1027.jpg]

[Image: screenshot_1028.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_15.jpg]

Using Bayamos' guide, I was able to swap the /tapfoot animation with the meatwad effect. Big Grin
[Image: screenshot_24.jpg]
how can u get at roof?
(11-08-2009, 04:37 AM)chefmaster Wrote: [ -> ]how can u get at roof?

How do this.
... and yes, no need to modify things, meatwad effect could be done as one of the 15-20 animations available xD.

Of course, zecrets are zecretzz
Secrets pfffffft! Lol He said bayamos guide. Go to the Archived MxO forums search bayamos and bam. End of! lol
Finally got the mask!

[Image: screenshot_23.jpg]

Giant Ceege handstands monument

[Image: screenshot_38.jpg]

Giant Ceege attacking Mara C

[Image: screenshot_39.jpg]

Sad amongst the meatwadded

[Image: screenshot_29.jpg]
(11-08-2009, 10:32 AM)Ceege Wrote: [ -> ]Finally got the mask!

Sad amongst the meatwadded

[Image: screenshot_29.jpg]

lol...I like the sad one...

Here's a couple shots I took.

[Image: DesktopXII.jpg]
[Image: DesktopXIII.jpg]
[Image: DesktopXIVjpg.jpg]
[Image: DesktopV.jpg]
[Image: DesktopVI.jpg]
[Image: DesktopVII.jpg]
[Image: DesktopVIII.jpg]
Remember when every one had to wear this jacket. Good times.

Pics from the End...
[Image: screenshot_4.jpg]
[Image: screenshot_1.jpg]
Now where did I put that TARDIS?

[Image: screenshot_29.jpg]
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