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Full Version: Emu screenshots
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Haha Ceege good pic's mate.
EDIT: Here are some of my screenies. I was bored so I RP'd with myself...sad. [Image: chill.jpg]
[Image: church.jpg]
[Image: marac.jpg]
[Image: club.jpg]
[Image: codingthedatabase.jpg]
hehe..oh I wish we could replace the Helicopter with a Blimp like in Sky Captain
type Noodles type damit!
Now i create Thadeus but hair??? xDD

[Image: 74779222.png]
very old bug reported at the tool thread.
but as i'm working on a "real server" wont fix those (for now at least).
[Image: screenshot1ji.jpg]

FInally, ShaoX is back!
This Picture onLy its a fake...
the future emu xDD
Seems like something is wrong on mara....

[Image: th_18559_screenshot_42_122_223lo.jpg]

Is more dangerous now...
Where's your Agent warning meter? =P
i went to the closest pawn shop.. Tongue
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