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Monolith and WBIE
06-26-2010, 11:57 AM,
RE: Monolith and WBIE
(06-24-2010, 03:34 PM)xMDSx Wrote:
Quote:We acquired Monolith Productions in 2005. That was the first time we moved into the game business. We bought it for The Matrix Online massively multiplayer online game. It was an early move into those games. That game didn’t work out well. But that was the first step into the video game game business.

I don't know what happened between BETA and the final product before it's cancellation, but I remember and still have my 4 or 5 CD BETA copy of MxO, and those were truly fun times. Advertisement was horrible, and no incentive to attract a large audience, as well as, for me atleast, ruining gameplay by editing combat entirely, rather then small adjustments or improvements.

I remember when a level 1 mob could not touch a level 20+ Player Character. I also remember after SoE when in the same instance, the level 5 NPC succesfully attacked and damaged the Operative, even though he was in his Defensive stance.

I also remember when a level 15 could kill another player far beyond his own level, if his skill, items, and equipment was correct.

If this Emu were to come to life, would it be oldschool or newschool?

Also, interesting find. I did not know Warner Bros. bought monolith. Go figure? So why the change's that ruined (or in some people's opinion, made better) the combat system?

This emu is being created using captured and decoded packets from just before MxO went offline. All the developers are doing is using those packets to recreate the servers as they were at the time of the shutdown. So to answer your question, It will be based on CR2 (newschool in your words), it would be impossible to recreate CR1 without the original code from monolith/SOE.

I wasnt around during CR1 but I was told by many people that CR1 although alot of fun was very buggy. I also know that the SOE dev team didnt know the code that well after all the monolith coders left so instead of fixing it they decided to recreate it. I could be wrong but this is what ive gather from discussions with old players.
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