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Geez is it the end of the world?? 2012 Early?
03-01-2010, 10:31 PM, (This post was last modified: 03-01-2010, 10:36 PM by Barloke.)
RE: Geez is it the end of the world?? 2012 Early?
The only thing that gives me some concern is all the talk about the poles shifting. From what I've read so far that if the poles shifted gradually over time it would account for increased earthquakes but if the shift happened in a month or less then we would be looking at true world fuckery of the highest levels. Massive earthquakes, tsunami's the size of buildings, floods (we'd lose the east and west coast of most of N/C/S America, Europe...dammit i always wanted to go to England...), Hawaii and Japan are underwater, exploding volcanos (what they call "super volcanos") hurricanes, tornadoes and i wouldn't surprised if the fucking Cloverfield Monster was real and decided to make an appearence just for the hell of it. The survival rate isn't too optimistic either as they expect 85% of the human population to be wiped out (and that's a real kind estimate) wildlife for the most part is gone and plants and crops are waving bye bye as well because the volcanic ash would be akin to a nuclear winter.

I did say it gave me SOME concern and about the only thing that's not keeping me up at night is that scientists say this pole shifting (an "earth wobble" I think its called) happens once every 25,000 years. My theory is if indeed this happens every 25,000 years and the results were that catastrophic I would suspect there would be no civilization today as we would have been wiped out years ago (or 25,000 years ago if the math is correct).

Doomsday scenarios have become popular today because of the Mayan calender, Nostradamus and a few other seers predicitng the bleak future. Only reason why it's such a big deal is because the Mayans actually put a date on it but from what I understand is that the predictions didn't depict as so much gloom and doom but a change and the Mayan calender is more like an odometer when all the numbers goes to 9's it just reverts back to 0's.

Anyway we wont know anything really until 2012, see you all in 2013.
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