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Life in The Real
01-22-2010, 03:58 AM
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Life in The Real
C://Username: Freyja
C://Password: *********
C://Username and Password verified....Welcome Freyja
C://Run Log Program1.
C://Log Program1 Running.

Freyja Log: Entry 01

I still wake up in the middle of the night...sweating...heavy takes awhile for me to calm back down and go back to sleep. I still don't comprehend what has happened...I'll try to start from the beginning.

I was a police officer in Mega City...I was on patrol in Westview, it was your normal typical day, the sky was alittle orange, but the sun was shining, it was peaceful. The thing about Westview was that it was the bad part of town, lots of gangs, but it still has some good people in it, mostly people who can't afford anything else but some run down crack house apartments.

I regress, I was on patrol and I was near Ascension Monument when all the sudden I saw lighting, and I saw...something appear at the top of the monument. It looked like a man...but it wasn't. I called in for back up, but the radio was going haywire. A crowd has gathered to see this strange figure...I tried to keep them calm, but then this figure came down from the monument. It had white lines going all over it's body...

It was chaos at that point, the crowd rushed through me. I got shoved down onto the sidewalk as the crowd runs away from this figure. I looked back, and I saw these normal human beings...change into men in suits. They held guns out, telling him that he was wanted.

At that point...everything started getting out of focus...and everything turned red. The city faded, and I closed my eyes. A feeling of warm liquid...or gel rushed over me. I opened my eyes...and I was suspended in some red gel. I had tubes going out of every part of my body. I looked around, and nothing was clear. I reached up and broke through the gel. I tried to feel something solid, and my hand grabbed something metal. I reached my other hand out, it too grabbed something metal. I pulled myself out of the gel...and I gasped, like I was taking a deep breath after being underwater for too long.

I pulled this black tube out from my mouth...I looked over myself...I was naked, with tubes...I had no hair on my body...nothing. I looked around, and I saw that I was on a tower...surrounded by other looking towers...I saw there were other the same container that I was in.

All the sudden this metallic beast flew up at me, it shined a bright flash light at me, and grabbed my throat. I couldn't breath, I was choking and struggling against it. All the sudden, the tubes popped out, It was painful...but it was a quick pain. The beast let go of me and I slump back into the container. All the sudden, the bottom opened up and everything rushed out, including myself.

After that, my mind is a blank...I don't remember anything until I awoke on a shore. I looked up, I was weak...but I managed to crawl out of the river and onto the bank. My eyes focused, and I could see that I was in a large tunnel, that had large and small wires, and tubes running along the walls. I struggled to push myself up, but I eventually was able to. Normally you'd expect to hear something...but I've heard was just dead silence.

I grabbed a piece of metal bar, I pushed myself up on it, and I limped my way down the tunnel, staying close to the bank. I had to take a break once in awhile since it was painful and hard for me to walk. I eventually came across this...vessel...the files on the computer calls it a hovercraft. It was on the floor of the tunnel, no lights, no electricity, nothing. After resting in this hovercraft for the past few weeks, and feeding on this goop that was left behind, I was able to build up enough strength to ho twire this thing.

That's the thing about me, I may have blue eyes, and blonde hair, but I am a tomboy, my dad taught me how to fix my own car, and how to work on my own house. I think he always wanted a son, but I knew he loved me anyways. I found some weapon, and was able to wire this hovercraft to an electrical line on the side of the tunnel, that would give me a steady stream of electricity.

That was...months ago, it's hard to keep track of time when there's no clock, no calender, nothing. I have been spending my time hunting for food, and trying to find help. I've also been searching through the computers. I'll post what I have found over the next few logs...however for now, I need to try to contact someone.

C://End Log Program1
C://Log Program1 Exited
C://Sign Out Freyja
C://Freyja Logged Out.

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