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  • 5 i? (song from kid's story in animatrix lol)
01-07-2010, 12:18 AM,
#1 i? (song from kid's story in animatrix lol)
God i hope everyone doesnt hate me after reading this Sad
Yeah i am really excited about this emulator, i got some reall big hopes for the new update where we can hang out (it will be like i did 90% of the time in mara c, just chilled and chatted, or helped lowbies with mission, etc ) but yeah i was watching the animatrix again last night, and (god i forgot how disturbing the renaissance part 2 scenes are hehe...being one of those humans that were like cut up and plugged into the power plants for the first time, wide awake in pain for days must of been AWFUL!..) anyways i ramble alot hehe, i had this dream i was running around the emu like i do, and MORPHEUS came in front of me lol, and showed me that everyonelse was already playing and i was in a dream emu, and the real emu was already done lol. thanks for that morpheus xD awesome dream btw, it was like a 6 hour mxo session, so basically i got to play mxo for about 6 hours, emulated in my brain lol, it was nice. did some missions, walked around international, all that good stuff.

Anyways now i am trying to figure i? when i played MXO i was mostly zion, because the crews i ended up where in zion, and dont get me wrong i had a blast! but during my last year in mxo i was going through some real life problems, (basically loosing my mind lol ) and i would get in fights with people, and be depressed and stuff. anyways i am kind of hoping that this MXOEMU will be a fresh start for me, because my mxo career ended pretty badly. but i am hoping for making a fresh start with you people and having a blast for years to come!

now to pic, what faction do yall think i am? because i dont feel i am being true to myself unless i really go with a faction! heres the way i see it:
1. machines are cool i guess, but really, after seeing animatrix renassance part 2..can anyone really say for the machines!? lol
2. zion i guess is the good guys, but in a way it seems like humanity screwed itself over by being jerks to the machines in the first place
3. so i guess whats left for me is to parle vou some fraunce! (i dont know french, but it sounds cool Tongue ) i guess i will become a merv, even though it seems they are pretty unethical...i am a big supporter of NEO and the KID though and wouldnt mind being a EPN fanatic, but i guess then that would take me back to zion lol.

anyways sorry fo the big rant guys, just have alot on my mind and felt like chattin, btw i am always down for chatting about the matrix so if anyone wants to chat hit me up ^^
also in the mood to chat about animatrix lol its on my mind alot today!
01-07-2010, 01:12 AM, (This post was last modified: 01-07-2010, 01:22 AM by Bayamos.)
RE: i? (song from kid's story in animatrix lol)
[Image: 2zof491.jpg]

oh and here's the answer by the way:

[Image: TemetNosce.jpg]
[Image: 30nhcgn.png]
01-09-2010, 02:20 PM,
RE: i? (song from kid's story in animatrix lol)
Just out of curiosity, what server did you play on? And what was your handle?
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