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Archive: Leaked Report 11/06/2005 07:46:14
01-01-2010, 01:06 AM
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Archive: Leaked Report 11/06/2005 07:46:14
Just a note this was only story post I ever made on the Data Node 1 forums, in fact had I not found it the other day I would of had to retype it as I lost all my matrix stories when my game hard drive keeled. Original Post here!

## Broadcast depth...
## Incoming Transmission
## Following Report is for Zion Relay Commutation Only
## Text File, use cmd Player to listen to Audio log...

The following is an excerpt from the Medical office report on two things, the effects of the Exile Smith, and the Red pill known as Shouou san.

After the Viral exile, Smith, infected Bane we started studies of the way the exiles can affect code while inside the matrix. After reviewing Shouou san’s medical and psych profile it raise a few red flags in the system. After recalling his TOD from commander Tbone, he reported back to Zion as requested. During the medical exam, it was confirmed that his brain had the same lacerations found in all red pills awakened after the Smith incident.

When Shouou san reported to the officer in charge he was rather composed and seemed to know what exactly he was doing here as the voice recording will be heard. The two people in the transcript are 1st Medical officer Jensen, and the other is Shouou san.

##CMD Player
##Audio file now playing...

Jensen: “Good morning Shoo oh, how are you?”

Shouou: “I’m fine I’ve not spent more then a few hours Zion before, so I’m going around taking in all the sites. Oh and it’s Show oo, and you are?”

Jensen: “Jensen, sorry for not introducing myself, Show, is that fine?”

Shouou: “Good enough”*laughs* “Now I suppose you want me to explain that oddity that you’ve found in my records”

Jensen: “I see they explained to you why you’re here then?”

Shouou: “No but I’ve figured that out when a lot of the people that I’ve talked to seemed to not understand why I was talking the way I was, and also the things I was talking about. So when I realize that was wrong I kept quiet about it.”

Jensen: “Well I would like to know what it was that you felt you needed to hide.”

Shouou: “As you wish then, it’s a dream or memory or something, I keep having every few days. It starts the same way every time with me sitting by my computer as the office I worked at as a blue pill wishing I was in the winter slopes in a far off mountain. I was typing on and I looked out the window and I see what looked like a FBI agent standing there. But something was wrong with that, there wasn’t just one of him, there were close to a dozen of the exact same man walking down the street.

Short brown hair, fairly angular face, black square sunglasses, a black suit and tie with a white shirt. I found out when I became an awakened that his name was Smith. All the Smiths suddenly stopped and looked up toward my window, then they started moving to the door to the building. I knew that was bad, I knew if they came for me something was going to happen. So I ran, I ran for the door to the elevator, then it suddenly opened and six of the smiths were there. I turned around and then ran for the stair door, I ran down the stair as fast as I could, hitting the bottom I took off toward the garage for the car. Fumbling for my keys as I tried opening the door I realized something was wrong, turning around I saw them, again staring at me.

I clicked that lock for the door hard enough that I nearly broke off the key in it. Jumping to the car I started and squealed the tires as I pulled out of the garage. As I got of the garage I realized something, people along the street weren’t people anymore, they were all Smith. I had to stop the car, as I felt sick suddenly and lurched out the door to throw up. I couldn’t think straight anymore, was I going insane? Do people that go crazy just snap like this? I questioned myself because at the time I didn’t understand what was wrong.

I looked up to see more Smiths coming toward me, I just shook my head. I knew I couldn’t out run Smith, he was everywhere.

'Mr. Reese, your time has come to join us in our welcoming of Neo.’ I leaned away from him as far as I could. ‘As in the terrorist that works along side Morpheus? You don’t need me for that sort of thing, I’m just programmer for my company.’ The other Smiths simply gave a creepy smile, while the leader spoke.‘On the contrary everyone is going to attend.’ And with that, he shoved his hand into my chest.

It felt weird, it was like my hand going numb but in the chest, it was like winter’s breath had entered my body, and like that slow feeling I struggled with my last breath before darkness over took me. That is the last thing I remember before darkness over my senses.

When I woke up from that icy darkness, I was at my computer in the office, at my desk, except something was different about me, I started seeing three or more of things at the same time, when I turned one way my vision turned another. Then that’s when the voices started.”

Jensen: “Ok Show, calm down, you’re looking a little stressed at the moment, take a deep breath and have some water, relax. You’re safe here, and Smith isn’t going to come for you.”

Shouou: “I know that, sorry, it’s just been a long time since I was able to tell someone about being one of us.”

Jensen: “One of us? What do you mean, one of us?”

*pause in recording as Shouou drinks a glass of water*

Shouou: “I was about to explain that before you had me take a drink of water.”

Jensen: “Alright, but don’t push yourself, if you don’t feel up to it.”

Shouou: “I’ve been practicing abstinence for too long about this. I need to know that I’m not crazy, I need to know that they to exist too.” *sighs* “I need to know my mind wasn’t simply trying to deal with the matrix and me being just a battery.”

Jensen: “It’s alright Show-oo, just take your time to collect yourself.”

Shouou: *Deep breath* “Ok, now where was I?”

Jensen: “The voices?”

Shouou: “Right, I started hearing voices in my head, they sounded like my own, yet they were saying different things, they were, more precisely we we’re trying to figure out why we could hear other peoples minds other then our own, then when one of us had a thought, my name is Ryan Reese, all but one said the same thing, we first listen to that other name and understood that something was wrong with all this, we all remembered being taken over by Smith, then the names Neo and Morpheus.

We decided that we should find out all this information we could, as we learned it gave us more understanding of what they did, and what the Matrix was. We decided to meet everyone in one place, and we knew that it needed be quick, I was third to arrive at the point we had all picked, a place that we had all wondered about and would like to visit. As we saw each other we realized that something was wrong, because it seemed like now we were the Smiths, The three of us were dress exactly like, we had the same hair style, the same eyes, down to the point where the only different thing was the scars we had picked up while doing various things in our till now mundane lives except for that one other.

As all of us gathered we realized one of us was in trouble, so in defense we reacted as one to go help the other. We made in time before the last of us was hurt, and scared the mugger off, heh in fact he just took one look at us and started running. We then started realized what we had done. Then started talking to each other thought each other. I can’t explain it exactly, it’s like being in a room with eight other people that ask the same question but in different ways along with the same answer but worded differently, like one of us spoke of a turtle and the hare, while the other eight said tortoise and the hare. In fact the telepathy that we had seemed only to work when we were all under duress. So to speak to each other without confusing each of us, we came up with a few names, of course we thought of very similar names as we were in near perfect understanding of each other: Shouou, Shou, Shouousan, Shousan, Shououkun, Shoukun, Shouousama, Shousama, and Jouou.

We sat hearing each other while being able to remember what we saying about our pasts, we did this for a while until we realized we were just prolonging the thing we needed to do, find ether Morpheus or Neo. At that point we got nine different answers, well, it’s funny but each wanted the others to come back home to start there. And so we had to figure out how to deal with this. It took us a moment to figure out that we should just spilt up and go to find the pair.”

Jensen: “So that’s when you became aware of the anomaly with in yourselves?”

Shouou: “Yes, we knew we were different then, but we also knew about the matrix because of it, because now each of us was able to pick up on things that didn’t seem right. Till the one day…”*sigh*

Jensen: “Oh something else happened before you became red pills?”

Shouou: “Mmm hmmm. Shouou was caught in the garage of his work place, we all saw it. Someone jumped us and tried to mug him, we all willed for Shouou to escape, so he hit him in the groin and jumped. It was weird, we didn’t expect to go that far, we wanted to land on the ground outside the garage but instead we flew up to the top of the building, and landed on the roof. We didn’t understand what had happened, but Shouou seemed to. We all realized that this was something that the matrix would allow for. So we all then ran out to try and to do it, but it seemed the only other one that could do it was Shou, not me, but the one named that.”

Jensen: “So two of you became self aware, and Zion didn’t pick up on that fact, I think you, what was it? One two three four five… six seven… Nine? Nine of you? And Zion didn’t pick up on you?”

Shouou: “Oh they picked up on us, but only after something major happened. We decided to meet again, but two of us didn’t make it, Shouou and Shou, we were waiting again at that meeting place when the link became active, the pair had linked up and were making their way here, when they were stopped by agents, THE agents, as we’ve come to know them by, they said that someone like us would be greatly rewarded if we were to comply and help against the terrorist Morpheus. They knew trouble was up and then they realize like we all did, they looked like Smith and the two parts of us should run like hell.

They never got the chance, the Agents did something to there connections to the matrix as they suddenly drop from our link, and we looked at each other and knew it was time to go, but we didn’t get that chance ether, Jouou, tugged on my sleeve and pointed to something in the sky, we thought it was an eye, and that’s when we fell into darkness again.”

Jensen: “The eyes of March, the operatives in the matrix saw them also.”

Shouou: “So they do have a name… Good another thing people seem not to understand, so back to what happened. I woke up and looked around…”

Jensen: “Don’t you mean we?”

Shouou: “No, but I’m about to explain why, When I woke up I was alone, the others were gone, and I panicked, I was with them one moment and now they were taken from me, it’s like having your family taken away after being reunited. I didn’t understand and that’s when they faintly came back, we had all the same thought of where the others were, and we replied that we all in the park the same spots we were at when we stood before that darkness fell, just before we saw the eye. I blinked as we all did, and we couldn’t find each other, we realized something had happened.

Something had changed about the matrix we didn’t understand it at the time but we all felt it, and when we tried to get the answer we came up with nothing, we we’re so close to finding out what was wrong with one of us was attacked this time by a gang of thugs, I think the name was Blackwood or something, but we felt a rush through the link, and suddenly they weren’t fighting alone anymore, someone suddenly was helping the one of us that was fighting, they pulled a gun out and shot each down as they came after us, we were saved, the person simply bowed and disappeared into a pair of blue grids.

Then we realized it was Shouou who had been fighting. He started to try and show us what it was he did, he tried to explain what the matrix was to us, but the link was dieing between us, we wanted to grasp out to find that answer but the line nearly cut, Shouou and Shou both said to find someone Niobe, and then it died. No other voices, no other vision blurs, I was alone again. And that’s when I thought I was mad.

I collected what was left of myself and went home. I couldn’t live like this, things happening one moment and then suddenly they weren’t, I don’t remember if I slept or was awake for a few days, all that I know is that, sometimes I could faintly hear the others. I remember what the last message was, and so that’s what I did, it took a few days, but I found out that Niobe was part of Morpheus’ ‘terrorist organization.’ When I finally came to the place I was to meet her, I spoke to Ammit, and I took the red pill, I believe you have the rest in records now.”

*Taping of keys a few dozen times*

Jensen: “… Well… I think we might have to pull you from active duty for awhile.”

Shouou: “So I am crazy… I knew it, I knew not all of that could be true. Do they at least get good food where I’m going?”

Jensen: “I am sure you’ll be well taken care of Shouou-san.”

Shouou: “Well at least you finally got the name right.” *laughs*

Jensen: “Well for a man about to be pulled from the active duty rosters, you seem light hearted.”

Shouou: “Well Jensen wouldn’t it be good to know that you’re really just one man with voices, instead of someone who’s got clones running around?”

Jensen: “I suppose you’re right…”

*pounding is heard on the door*

Muffled Female Voice: “GOD DAMN IT! Let me in I swear if you don’t I will get half of my hover barge in here to break the door down!”

Jensen: “Excuse me a moment Shouou san, let me see who that is.”

*door creaking*

Female Voice: “You’re not putting him away for Nothing! If he’s crazy, so am I, you oaf!”

Shouou: “Jouou!?”

##Connection Interrupted
## Reconnecting to Zion Relay Commutation
## File has been given Class A Encryption
## Running Decryption program
## Decryption Failed...

##File sealed under orders of Commander Locke.
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