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[SEARCH] MxO Client pre CR2
03-20-2011, 07:41 PM,
[SEARCH] MxO Client pre CR2
Hello alltogether,
to test a little bit around , i am searching for someting that is hard to getSmile

I am searching for an Matrix Online Client that has no CR2 patch applied (so patchlevel should be before 28. march 2006 but later as April/May 2005 - so it should be a little bit older as the 3CD Version).

So i ask you : do someone of you have one ? Maybe someone have it on an old harddisc that would be replaced short before CR2 was applied or you made a DVD Backup in the past from the client installation ? If yes : could you make an archive of that?

The only client that i could find was from 28. march 2006 and if i am right CR2 is there applied. But i didnt got it started up successful (seems to be buggy too).

Ill check my old harddics soon too - but i think i wouldnt have it -.-.
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