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then do it, go go go
(01-22-2010, 12:34 AM)Twaggy Wrote: [ -> ]I has all that music on my MP3 player lol

So, how do I get that extractor to work?

For the record I did search out an answer before posting.
put it in your mxo root folder and dbl click?
(01-23-2010, 05:44 AM)Bayamos Wrote: [ -> ]put it in your mxo root folder and dbl click?

Not working. My root folder is NOT C:\Program Files\Monolith Productions\The Matrix Online. Does that make a difference?


you need packmap_save.lta and packmaps folder (should be in the 7z)
then place in samefolder as packmap_save.lta and run
it should chug along and after its done you have a extracted folder with all the packmaps contents
I can't seem to find the FM-1500 Magnum's firing sounds after extraction.
they're not there. somehow rarebit took one of the existing gunfire sounds and simply altered the pitch within the engine, without making a new file.
Fascinating. Thanks.
I can't seem to unzip the 7z file. Plus it's reading as 818MB.

I'm using a program called 7-zip and the error message is "Cannot open file MatrixOnline.7z as archive."
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