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(01-26-2010, 01:08 PM)Vesuveus Wrote: [ -> ]I can't seem to unzip the 7z file. Plus it's reading as 818MB.

I'm using a program called 7-zip and the error message is "Cannot open file MatrixOnline.7z as archive."

Download WinRAR.
I have that, too. That error message says the archive is incomplete or damaged.
(01-26-2010, 01:14 PM)Vesuveus Wrote: [ -> ]I have that, too. That error message says the archive is incomplete or damaged.

Ahh, then you'll have to re-download.


the archive should be 1.5GB, if i remember correctly, resume your file with a download manager if its not
Seems to be working now. I got a few bad downloads in a row there. The files is reading as 1.42 GBs.

Thanks for the advice.
Are the audio files the only things that's usable to us?


texture files are also standard .dds files with a modified header, if you want to look at them
theres also some text/xml files, everything else we dont know the format of
I started extracting those files yesterday at about 10:30 am and it was still chugging along when I went to bed at 11pm!

wowzers! I found a few cool audio files so far but haven't yet really dug through the folders.

Are all the sound files going to be .wav? I'd like a windows OS search to find them all for me.


yes all the sounds are .wav
wtf, extraction finishes in like less than 10-20 minutes for me man
your comp must suck
She's about 6 years old now. She was mid-range when I got her, so by today's standards, probably. But she's been great to me!
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