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Scatman Release «Meet your friends» - details
01-01-2010, 08:54 AM (This post was last modified: 01-02-2010 12:36 AM by Valaro.)
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Scatman Release «Meet your friends» - details
Dear mxoemu members,

I wanna express some things now, that we are almost at end or at end already of the year 2009.

I expressed my intentions to release the new server on Dic 09 but after some local test, i found that even if it's ready to be launched as a new world thing, there are some errors/bugs/glitches that i dont want to have in a release, or at least known issues.

First important one is that we bypassed the margin process, so the other users start with a non resizeable and non emote button chat window. This should be fixed with some tweaks and finding what makes it that way. It's so annoying for the people that connect "to you" because the local player will have both (because the fast communication with the server, for sure.)

Other important thing is dealing with the reconnection issues that make the server output things and trigger handled but annoying errors (while sending to the old reference from the disconnected player).

Minor things are included, and i wanna fix it.

On the other hand, i remade the inner part of the server, so we can have a faster and cleaner development now, which took some time.

So to resume, the release will be analyzed in its current state and with some luck, will be launched in the first days within january (2k10).

For now, i am going into 2k10 with some real happiness and faith Wink. So i am going to meet with my girldfriend and family.

Regards and Happy new year to people in 2k10 already or on the next hours Big Grin.


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01-03-2010, 04:55 AM
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RE: Scatman Release «Meet your friends» - details
(01-02-2010 09:27 AM)Morpheus Wrote:  I am glad to announce now, that through some analysis i have done in the client real code, all the emotes on the list should work now, as i found the real emote id's inside our client files.

Exception to the list are:


which i could not found yet. But anyway... they are noted for later development.

Here is a image of a "morpheus" model doing the orangutan emote which, as you know, is not on the emotes menu Tongue

[Image: screenshot36p.jpg]

I have discovered some more things but they dont help us .... yet Wink
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