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The Matrix Online Role- Plays- Zionites!
08-06-2009, 09:52 AM, (This post was last modified: 08-06-2009, 09:53 AM by Valaro.)
The Matrix Online Role- Plays- Zionites!
I would like you all to post your Role Playing Stories here. The ones that you loved most. This Thread is for Zionite Poster's Only!, I will post a new thread for Machines & Exiles.
VaderA on Syntax (overall unfinished):

VaderA/ VaderB's Part:

I had Jacked in for my daily Patrol through International, while checking the status of Zion's Mission database.

*Cell phone rings* Hello? Vader its Iosis, I have a problem, I need to speak to you asap. Sure Ios where are you? Im near the Phonebooth in Kowloon district. Okay Im on my way.

Ios whats up man? Vader its these people they keep following me there wearing bandannas over there face and...well sunglasses even though its like 10pm. Listen they sent them after me, there looking for this *Opens a case with a device with a green glow*.
Wait man, who's after you? They call them selves The Agency, these guys in black suits look like FBI. Whats the device Ios? Its well... I cant tell you Vader. Okay okay I understand what do you need me to do? I need you to take it until I lay low for a while, just hide with it or something I know you have contacts, please this device cannot fall into the wrong hands. Okay ill keep it for you but ill get some pride reinforcments to take out these Cyphs on your ass man, meet me in Shinjuku this time next week at your apartment. Okay Vader Thanks ill see you soon *runs off*

Hmm, I gotta hide this and call in some back up. *Hides it in a building nearby* *Cell phone rings* Hello? Viral its Vader, I need you help man, I have this device that a friend gave me but the Cyphs are on him, I think The Pride has a mole, I need you to come to... *Gun Shots*, Vader? Vader? Damn it Vader! *VaderA comes out through the Chelsea hardline and grabs a nearby bluepills cell phone* *Cell phone rings* Viral its Vader come to Chelsea quickly, Ive been shot and i dont have much time, On my way Vader!
Viral called an old Pride friend, Bandaancha who came with him to help, Banda and Viral came to the Chelsea hardline to meet VaderA, who was wounded and was going to tell ViralMarauder where the device was. Vader are you okay, said Banda . Viral asked what was going on, Vader exclaimed that he was guarding a device, and that he had hidden it in Kowloon: Vader was just about to tell Viral and Banda exactly where it was "Its at Kowloon....." *VaderA got shot by a rogue Agent who had been listening in to the conversation from behind a
wall. VaderA is dead!*

Viral then told Banda that he had traced the call to Kowloon NW so with haste they took off.... *Cell Phone Rings* Hello? Viral its VaderB, have you seen A? Um yes b hes dead...Killed by an agent! WHAT! I'm sorry B. Oh god okay listen he left me a message, with a disk and an access key. where are you? Myself and Banda are at Kowloon NW looking for something Vader was doing earlier you'd better stay out of it B, Personal Pride Business, I am an FM of The Independence I have security clearance, and B send me a message with something about a device is that what it is? Yes that what it is has he left you a location of the Device? No but he left a riddle, i'm on my way.
*B appears through the hardline* Viral good to see you *VirlaMarauder gives B a hug* Can i see the letter? yeah here... The riddle says Pipe the door to find your Reward. Hmmm Well if i know this area theres a pipe...over here here we go, over theres a door maybe in there? *A Green Glowing Device sits on the floor behind a box* VaderB picked up the device and inserted the access key and dropped the device and was seriously wounded Viral then picked it up and was hit by a sudden jolt of energy but remained standing.

Viral told B and Banda to run, in case something happened while he checked the device, B and Banda jumped form the building to a nearby Pride Safe house. *Cell Phone rings* B its okay ive scanned the device, theres no more power left in it, are you okay? yes I'm fine viral meet us at the hardline. Okay.
Viral have you found out anything else about that device? No, however it is a storage device that i do know but for what I'm not sure, do you still have that Data Cd that your brother gave you? Yes *Hands Viral the disk* he said that volume 4 was encrypted and that it had been machine coded. yeah i see that i have some experience with Machine code, so ill see what I can do, mm damn it theres a sub- routine in there that i cant get past, we cant do it. Hold on there viral i know someone who can crack this, hes in Pride. *Cell Phone rings* Hello? Xenin its me. I havn't heard your voice in along time B, I told you never to call me again. Listen its not like i wanted to phone you but i needed to, listen we have a data CD that machine code encrypted, and we need your help to crack it, will you help us? yeah sure where are you, Kowloon NW. On my way.
Xenin appeared at the hardline and awaited VaderB's Arrival along with Bandaancha and ViralMarauder. When they walked form around the corner, Xenin greeted them all but Viral.

Are you not going to greet me Xenin?

I'm sorry but I don't take kindly to Machines, who betray us, so dont expect me to show you kindness you traitor.

BOYS! Enough This is not the time for stupid politics and who thinks what! Vader's dead and we have to find out why!

Okay B gimme the disk.

Viral give him the disk.

*Viral hands Xenin the disk*

Hmm yup machine code alright, heavy encryption alright, hmm I cant do this here ill need to go back to my apartment use the stuff i have there.

Sure well all go with.

Uh yeah sorry B thats not gonna happen, Its just me and you or you can find someone else to crack your disk.

Fine Xenin whatever, Banda go with viral to the safe house.

Vader turns to see that Banda has in fact disappeared. His connection had been messed up on his hovercraft since the attack on his ship by the General's forces several months before.

My apartment's in Camon Heights, near the North hardline.

Okay Viral head back to the safe house on your own call me if anything goes wrong. *ViralMarauder and VaderB kiss each other goodbye, its now clear to Xenin that they are lovers*

*Vader and Xenin appear through the hardline* So how long you two, well you know?


Been going out?

About two months after you.

Oh well I-

I don't want to talk about it Xenin! exclaimed Vader

Listen my apartment isnt at Camon, its in Dannah, i just didn't want him following us.

Jesus what the hell is wrong with you!

I think he had something to do with Vader's death.
whatever Xenin please just lets go to your apartment and get this disk decrypted.

Xenin and Vader entered the shabby building and walked towards the lift, and proceeded to floor 8. while they were awaiting, the elevator to arrive at the floor Xenin exclaimed that his apartment was in fact a whole floor which had been abandoned shortly before the smith infection. They walked out of the left and to Vader's surprise there were high-tech computers around with hundreds of disks and Boxes with "The Pride- CLASSIFIED" written on them Xenin inserted the Data CD into a disk tray and turned on the computer screen. on the screen was a Prompt for 01 Access Control Node: Insert user name and Password, Xenin entered both and a Command line of Code appeared, it had begun decrypting the Drive.

Oh shit I got a call just a second Xenin
Sure B
AHHHHHH! Vader screamed out in pain!
Are you okay?
I'm fine, why is something wrong?
What do you mean is something wrong you just screamed!
Of course yes I'm fine ha ha.
Hmm you don't seem to be.
Sure I am, oh yeah I think I gave you the wrong disk dear would you hand it over to me please?
You didn't hand me the disk b it was Viral who had it.
GOD DAMN IT, just hand me the bloody disk you pathetic human!
What the!
With a point of her hand Vader chucked Xenin against the wall and ripped the computer apart and took the disk with her, and as she walked past Xenin's defenseless body she said:
Delta 6 has Returned And this time I wont be stopped...

Eichdee's Part:

She was working late in the Matrix that night. The young woman had some reasearch to do on her computer about an assignment she had, and she had spent the last 2 days jacked in, her Operator feeding her intravenously.

Quite a quiet night at Murasaki, she thought at the time. Nothing was happening, no festivities, and it was a sunday night, so no one was out. EichDee was starting to wonder if she could fininsh early and get back to New Zion, as she was loosing concentration anyway.

The phone beebed twice. She answered, and a feminine voice she knew too well spoke:

- Dee, said her Operator, Ocelet. You have a visitor it seems.

EichDee thought her voice was kind of weird, but she ignored it.

- Let him enter, she answered.

She hung up the phone and got back to work. A few minutes later, someone knocked on the door.

- Come in, EichDee said.

A woman came in, wearing a pink croc trench. She was rather dark skined, but she looked familiar somehow.

- You must be EichDee, she said.
- That's me. How can I help you?
- I'm Vadera's sister.

Well now she knew where the "familiar" part came from.

- Oh, well, the Captain's sis! What can I do for you?
- I won't take a hundred roads to tell you this. He has been killed last night.
- Wha... What are you talking about?

EichDee felt her stomach tie up. Vadera was dead? How could this be? What would happen to the Tiger? And to the Crew? She wasn't ready to take command as Captain, nor ready to lose a friend. So many things rushed through her head.

- You should sit down, said calmly Vaderb.

She agreed. EichDee sat down on a nearby couch, her eyes staring at the emptiness before her. She couldn't believe her ears. But it would explain the attitude of Ocelet. But why didn't she warn EichDee of it? As First Mate of the Tiger, it would be top priority.

She looked at Vaderb and simply asked:

- What happened?
- First we should change location. We are in danger here, people will probably try to stop us.
- O-Okay...

Picking up her coat as fast as she could, the two women rushed out of the building. Taking the elevator down to the main hall, they walked fast until they reached the front doors, leaving the guards, administration clerks and visitors confused.

Once on the streets, Vaderb signaled a cab and they got in.

- Where to, ladies? asked the driver, a cigarette in his mouth.
- Magog, as fast as you can, said Vaderb.

Magog? Why so far?, EichDee thought. They were in Internationnal, a Northern section of Mega City, while Magog, in Richland, was in the South East Section. Apparently, leaving Internationnal was needed. The ride was twenty minutes long, but they finaly made it.

Vaderb paided the driver alot of money, which he took quite fast. She led Dee to an old building, in a room in the farest corner. There they sat down, and Vaderb began to talk. She told Dee everything, from the device, to the riddle, to vadera's death. Everything, but one detail.

- Vaderb... EichDee said. What is that device?
- You remember when I said I touched the device... human?
- Human?! What..?
- Just call me Delta 6. I was once trapped inside that device, and you see... I took over that body when that foolish woman touched it.

Realizing she had been tricked all along, Dee drew out her .50 and took aim.

- What are you?! EichDee asked agressively.
- Do what you will. I crushed all your friends as if they were mere flies. Viral, Banda, Dante, all of them.
- ...What do you want?
- Quite exciting, don't you think?
- Nice choice of words, she grinned sarcasticaly.

Delta looked at her seriously and said:

- Join me.
- Join you? Ha! Thanks for the compliment, but NOT interested.
- Well, that's a BooHoo for you, ain't it?
- Whatever, you won't get through me as easily as you got through the others. I won't let you.
- Is that so...

Before EichDee could realise anything, Delta jumped at her. She used one hand to grab Dee's forearm holding her handgun, and with the other, she grabbed the slide of it. She grinned at EichDee as she twisted the muzzle of her gun like it was nothing more than a piece of paper. By that time Dee had realized she was in trouble. Ripping her pistol out of her hand and throwing it affar, Delta charged her Ki in her hands and punched Dee in the guts. The young Zionite went flying back and crashed in the wall, making it crack. She felt a few of her ribs break under the impact. In only one hit, EichDee was on the ground, fighting with herself to catch her breath back. Her glasses and earpiece had fallen off.

- For someone who's not going to let me through, you're not doing a good job, said Vaderb, cracking her knuckles.

Anger was rising in EichDee's mind. Having finaly found her breath, she got back up, took off her jacket, and charged at her turn. She began with quick strikes at Delta 6's face, who just stood there, taking the hits head on. Dee closed both her fists, charged her ki as much as she could, and hit her opponent's stomach with the left fist. Delta flinched foward, as expected, and EichDee took the occasion. She did an oppercut with her ki-charged fist on Delta's face, who flinched back. When the former Vaderb was about to return to her normal stance, Dee threw herself on the left, used her left hand to support her weight, and sent a kick to Delta's head that would normaly decapitate anyone. The later, however, stayed intact and just looked at Dee.

- Is that all? She asked.

Dee never had the chance to see the left punch that came crushing her kidnee. She yelled as blood splattered from her mouth. She fell to the ground, nearly uncouncious.

- Well, I guess you were useless to begin with, said Delta. Trying to recruit you would have been a waste of time. I think I'll just kill you.

EichDee knew her time was up. Unless... using her remaining strenght, she reached in her pants pocket and took out a little vial. It was a pure coincidence she still had it at that time. It was actually a cheat vial she had collected from Anome back in the unlimit crisis. She always intended to keep it as a memento, but she had no choice.

She swallowed the vial.

- It's over! said Delta, her foot about to stomp EichDee like a bug.

Dee rolled over in a tenth of a second, dodging the hit, and looked right at Delta's eyes. Green codes were falling off from them, just like tears would do. Her look was empty, as was her face.

- What the--

Faster than she ever been, Dee manage to land a direct kick in Delta's crotch. That time, she seemed to feel it. EichDee got back up, and attacked her. Delta barely had the time to block her raging attacks, leaving her arms numb after every hit.

- What did you just do?! asked Delta, confused.

Taking back the lead, Delta blocked a side kick, and used an overhand smash on EichDee. Cracking the ground on impact, EichDee once more coughed blood. But she was already back on her feet. At the same instant, Delta used an ability Dee had only seen in one person; The Effectuator. Vaderb simply phazed out of the room visibly nowhere to be found. The pain catching up to her, EichDee fell back on the ground. Her eyes were still crying green tears, but her counciousness seemed to be back.

- Wait, she moaned. Don't go... I'm... Not finished...

Her cell phone rang. As difficult as it was, she brought it to her ear.

- Don't worry, said a familiar voice. The Angel Code is back. I will delete her. Just keep your distance.
- Wha... Vadera? Is... that you?

The phone went dead. She was quickly loosing sight, and soon she fell uncouncious.
08-06-2009, 10:47 AM,
RE: The Matrix Online Role- Plays- Zionites!
Well done man.
08-06-2009, 10:49 AM,
RE: The Matrix Online Role- Plays- Zionites!
Thanks man. the majority of that Rp was text on our forums. And the first section took place inside The Matrix, which is what inspiried me to make it bigger.

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