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Sometimes I feel like The Kid...
12-29-2010, 11:14 PM,
Sometimes I feel like The Kid...
...Before he became self aware. I'm constantly sitting here in my room looking for something new, hoping for information. Something amazing was created and is almost an old forgotten relic by this point. The elongated silence just makes me grow more suspicious day by day.

It feels like a struggle to be such a big fan of The Matrix, but I just keep hoping one day the light will come at the end of the tunnel and it will be a glorious one.
12-30-2010, 12:38 AM,
RE: Sometimes I feel like The Kid...
Its not difficult to be a Matrix fan, but I understand it can be disappointing at times to see such little media buzz about the franchise regardless of it's source.

I personally find some comfort when i catch any of the cast members in another film..i.e V for vendetta, The day the earth stood still, Disturbia.....

Not to mention the reason we are all here as it is obvious to say the least. Its fair to say our common interests drive this project, some more than others but patiently we wait.
"We die because the people are will die because the people will awaken"-Carl Sandburg
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