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The Means to an end (short story)
11-24-2010, 08:20 PM
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The Means to an end (short story)

"No... it can't be..."

The words seem to echo through his mind.
Feelings of unbelief, betrayal, sadness, and anger at the same time started to surface and getting stronger by the second.

"I couldn't believe it myself sir.. but after investigating these messages dropped in every district, from one leading to another, this is what i've seen with my own eyes. The source remains unknown, most likely because the operative in question, is afraid of getting killed in the real, if one would find evidence relating to the source's identity."

A deadly silence surrounded them as they both stared out the window, where it started to rain.

"So... what do you suggest we do sir...?
We are scheduled at 19:00 hrs to attend a meeting, wich might be too late"

"Well... considering there is'nt much time before this will become too dangerous for crew, flotilla, and organization, i definitly have an idea.. involving everyone of our crew to see him suffer the consequences.. you can count on that."

Again a silence came over them, as the captain watched his female operative, really having a hard time not to let her tears flow.

He put his hand on her shoulder and gently said:

"Hey.. look at me.. you did good...ok? I'm very proud of you. I know it is very tough on you since you were both recruited around the same time.
Trained together, survived together, trusting one another, watching each others back.
And now.. of all crewmembers, that you would be the one finding out your crewmate is a spy, a rat, and a freaking danger to us all, breaks my heart too."

She looked up at him, some tears rolled down her cheeks, with an expression on her face like she was in pain but enraged, determined, and pumped up by the words of her captain, like a boxer ready to rumble.

"Let's get ready, and get everybody jacked in A.S.A.P. under the impression we have an emergencymission in the matrix, and gather at the nearest small dojo in kaede SW Hardline, where there is only one exit. There we do what needs to be done."

As the captain walked the narrow streets of the International District, to be the first to arrive at the dojo, he tried to think how to say, what he wanted to say to the sick mind of the infiltrator, recruited his hovercraft about 7 months ago.
He called his Operator on his cellphone,
to check if the others had jacked in already, and if she contacted the authority's, wich was immediatly confirmed, he closed his cell, stopped walking, and lit up a cigarette, and continued the last yards to the dojo in front of him.

"Here we go..." he whispered to himself while sucking down the last smoke of his cigarette.

After entering the basementdojo, he walked to the end, to stand still, facing the wall, backing the entrance, with his hands behind his back.

Behind him he could hear the door, and the footsteps of his crew walking down the stairs.

The familiar voice of his first mate, breaking the ice as usual:

"Sir?...We came here as soon as possible, with only the word "Emergency" as explaination... With only Martial Arts loaded? Please tell me this is a drill, i'm not very happy to jack in anyway, due to the fact i was in the middle of a wet dream, about Zioncontrolofficer Tyndall.

The sound of chuckles and giggles filled the small dojo.

Then silence followed..

The captain turned around to face his crew, with eyes dark as black, and pale in the face, clearing his throat, to reply:

"Im afraid, this aint a drill Cleric.."

The crew was shocked by the sight on the Captains face.

He continued while putting on his greenish black sunglasses:

"When you hear your name, tell me your current Martial Arts loadout... and line up to my right facing west...hmmm ..let's start with.. uhmmm.... Italier..."





"Aikido .. T.."




"Karrratayy.." said Peggy sarcastic.. the one who found out about the infiltrator.

"Good.. and and last but not least, our beloved First Mate .. Cleric.."

"Whattaya think? Aikido.. of course.."

"Right...Good.. now... oh.. and do me a favor Cleric, and stand by the stairs please.. While i'll call Operator Lyrics.."

Tension and confusement was rising among the crew, as to what was so serious, with only Peggy appearing quite at ease.

"I thought this wasn't a drill?.." said Cleric standing at the stairs automaticly blocking the only exit.

Capt. TRX while slowly walking towards him, with his cell to his ear, said to Cleric:

"It still isn't a.... Ah..yes.. Operator?..
Hey there... yeah we're all set and ready....Are ya ready too?..... Ah i see... First time huh.....well.. it's never easy...... Say what?... Ah .. ok.. will do.. Yeah call me back when you have permission.... ok..."

Cleric now overhearing the conversation on the phone losing some patience, asked his captain: "Her First time?.. for what T?"

TRX still appearing very serious, but blinking his eyes slowly with a nod, indicating he would soon explain, replied:

"Watch this....

Ok you all know, we, belonging to the Brethren Fleet, are carrying around a sh*tload of important information, and always busy collecting it...

Now.. Peggy here stumbled upon some information regarding a Cypherite Operative.."

With these words, Peggy's appearance became a little more uncomfortable, as the emotional rollercoaster began to set in. She watched her captains every slow step, with his hands behind his back, and his head tilted upwards, as if he was talking to someone taller, as he continued to explain:

"The information given by an unknown Redpill, by dropping clues with co-ords, one leading to another, contained clues and evidence of the Operative's whereabouts and actions.."

TRX took his last cigarette out of the box he took out of his inside pocket, and lit it up, and inhaled deeply.

Then exhaling he said:

"Phffffff.. so.. Then she found out that this heavy duty Cyph.. was actually not so heavy duty himself.. but does have heavy duty connections."

In contrast to Peggy, Skeptah was standing very relaxed, casually leaning on one leg, but never the less listening carefully to the briefing, as the fragrance of nicotine and tar tickeled his nose.

The captain continued:

"Confirmed evidence has shown, that a large number of activities, regarding the events in the last 5 months of this war, relating only to Cypherites, was caused, because of leaked information about Zion or Zionfactions."

With these words said, the first thing JCB was thinkin to himself was:
"ah..nah.. great!... another search and destroy mission." and sighed.

TRX stopped walking, faced the crew at the middle of the line up, tipping the ash of the cigarette on the floor, with a quick whip of the thumb against the filter, to conclude his briefing:

"Sooo... this Cyphdude has been identified, and located, onboard a Zion Hovercraft. More evidence has shown, he has planned to attack the Hovercraft from with in.... ....but...."

Acqua interrupted her captain shortly:

"With in.. As In.. the real?.."

"Yes, cupcake, in the real...
only after somehow giving away key positions of the Hovercraft, and God knows what else, to the Cyph Organization...

.....Now.. guess what?....."

TRX took another drag of his cigarette, while watching his crew, now beginning to slowly understand this suggestive remark at the end of the speech.

Cleric was the first to react:

"What?!... Are you saying we have a
#%^*&^**@! Blue pill loving.. sheesh.. can''t get the word out of my mouth.. let me spell it out: Romeo, Alpha, Tango, onboard our Hovercraft?!"

"Piingg.. that is the correct answer.. you have won the industrial fedora hat!"

The crew, all looked at each other, really getting all and same expression on the face just as the one of the captain in an instant.
It was like a you could hear a collective deep sigh with an "OH NO" sound in it, in each one of them.

"In other words, it is the sad truth.."

TRX picked up his cellure when it suddenly went off and answered the phone:

" to me...hmmm hmmm... right.. so we have permission?...Good.. stay with me Lyrics.."

Then returned his attention to his crew:

"So... if there's anything you'd like to say in your defense, reveal yourself on your own...and maybe..i any kind of remorse?... NOW.. would be the time youngman..."

The silence that followed was a painful one.

The captain couldn't take it anymore to see the faithful members of his crew in this awfull situation, especially noticing Peggy with a tear of heartbreak and anger, having a rough time controlling her need to do some serious damage.

TRX took a last drag of his cigarette, shot it away with his fingers, still holding on to his cellphone in the other hand, loudly said in a commanding tone:

"Step the **** out.. of.. the line up..............NOW!!"

And then it happend.. Italier stepped forward, walked a few meters, turned a little to his right, facing TRX, with the crew to his right hand.
He looked over to Peggy for a moment,
then over to the rest of the crew, and then over to TRX, as if he was without emotion, and said nothing.

TRX walked up closer, looking at his crew and with a more at ease tone said:

"anyone else want to say anything to this lowlife?....if not.. stand down, and walk over to me."

Peggy hazitated, but stepped forward, eyeballing Italier, while saying with a cracked voice:

"Ya know what really ticks me off? That you have nothing to say to me, after i've always seen you as my brother"

Then she walked over to her captain, standing next to him, and one by one her crewmates walked over to her and the captain.

TRX sighed through his cellphone:

"What a bad day, i never believed that i would ever had to say this... phfff.. Operator...let's get it over with... and pull his interfacepin...."

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12-01-2010, 01:11 AM
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RE: The Means to an end (short story)
Finally took the time to read this. Love it! I like your writing style sir! Got any links to more of your works?

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The Filing Cabinet
A Post-MxO Life
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12-01-2010, 05:40 PM
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RE: The Means to an end (short story)
(12-01-2010 01:11 AM)Vesuveus Wrote:  Finally took the time to read this. Love it! I like your writing style sir! Got any links to more of your works?

Thank you sir... yes i do.
It's a book of twelve chapters, i started writing back in 2007.
However, the last chapter was never written, and the reason for these small 2 page story's im busy with at the moment is, to practice, and get in the right state of mind, to finally finish what was meant to be a fanbased MxO book, fiction as well as some true events in MxO.
The name of these writings and title: Onboard the HvCrft. Blue Distortion wich i have posted a while back here in 3 parts.
Personally, i think it is not written as well as the above story, on the other hand, at that time some one from the matrix, helped me editing it, for spelling and grammatics and such, fitting the sory in the mainstory of mxo at that time. So.. i'd like to mention this man's handle was Conrac.
Thanks for your interest, as i respect your work also, and don't be surprised your handle is mentioned as well, since my best buddy was on your crew Big Grin.. believe me you'll know whom, when u read it haha

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12-08-2010, 05:18 PM
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RE: The Means to an end (short story)
(12-01-2010 01:11 AM)Vesuveus Wrote:  Finally took the time to read this. Love it! I like your writing style sir! Got any links to more of your works?

Still busy with it, but check this better alternative

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