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Monolith and WBIE
07-06-2010, 08:29 PM,
RE: Monolith and WBIE
I remember CR1... allthough it was not totally bad, i think the CR2 was a more fair system, and more a feeling of control.
The thing with cr1 was, that it was a feeling of turn based action, so a fight took a lil longer to finish.
The funny thing was, cr2 was implemented at the anniversery event (i think it was blue sky event) and u had to reconfigure your hotbar.
So i jacked in and thaught i had all the time in the world, to configure the hotbar, but when i was busy doing so at tabor west, a whole group of sleepwalkers spawned around me and started kicking my butt :-).
So i hada hard time killin m all in selfdefence mode instead of kungfu lol
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