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Battlestar Galactica online annouced !
06-26-2010, 11:23 PM,
RE: Battlestar Galactica online annouced !
(03-12-2010, 02:14 AM)Twaggy Wrote: I also fear that one day my fond memories of watching good ol'e Buck Rogers will be shot to hell, just like A-Team is about to with that SHIT movie they are releasing.

Hey why don't they also remake DANGER MOUSE but now... instead of a mouse, it's a fucking walrus with a tusk stuck up it's ass instead of a patch on his eye!

Sorry, I get carried away when it comes to all things I grew up with getting screwed.

You're so right... Sad Sad
"Don't think you are, know you are..."

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RE: Battlestar Galactica online annouced ! - by CountZer0 - 06-26-2010, 11:23 PM

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