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Possible Story Ideas
02-23-2010, 11:57 AM, (This post was last modified: 02-23-2010, 12:02 PM by cloudwolf.)
Possible Story Ideas
Valaro asked me to so here it is, a thread to brainstorm ideas in regards to the story.

Note this does not mean fight over what should/shouldn't happen in the future nor is it about who/who isn't going to be in charge. Just post your ideas and theories and let's bounce them off eachother. This isn't a popularity contest, we all have an equal voice here.

But yeah, as for what I was referencing in the other thread is basically the personal roleplay I was rolling with throughout the end of MxO and the ways I made it tie into the main story as much as I could (without directly conflicting or toying with major characters)...


-Following the rekindlement of the war against the Machines CloudWolf fought for a peaceful resolution (understanding between the two parties has always been his reason for joining the Zion military) but to no avail. Eventually, after the revelation of New Zion, he planned to stage a peaceful protest in Old Zion, setting up camp for any who believed as he did.

-Obviously, this didn't go to plan with the cypherite/machine plot to blow it all sky high and he was lost during the attack. Luckily he was able to make his was to the surface, alone. He wandered until he came across the remains of the wheat fields referenced in the Matrix Comic written by Paul Chadwick. He remained sheltered there in the only remaining tent, trying desperately to think of a way back to Zion.

Note: This is where it gets relevant, I promise.

-It was during this time an ancient machine program that self-exiled before the existance of The Matrix noticed the new presence in it's hiding place. The Harbinger. It was the apitomy of the Machine military and once the war was over and plans for The Matrix unveiled he grew increasingly disgusted at his own civilisation for keeping the humanity he was created to destory alive. Thus he left of his own accord. With nowhere to run (The Matrix had yet to become a self haven) he turned to the remains of human networks he himself destroyed. And there he remained. Until now.

Important: The thing to remember here is The Harbinger is pre-Matrix and likely knew (or if he didn't, likely found out over time through various infiltrations into high level machine programs) about the Oligarchs. He is the key for the final revelation regarding their entire backstory (which, at the time of MxO ending, was still entirely unknown). We could use him to fast-track that story.

-Basically what followed is a forced symbosis of CloudWolf and The Harbinger, resulting in his presence in The Matrix and eventually a rescue effort for Cloud in the real. I initially planned all this as a series of events, leading up to The Harbinger's eventual reactivation as well as the hunting down his scattered memory core to obtain the Oligarch information (basically a data file containing Rarebit's summary of the Oligarch backstory). But that was all left undone thanks to SOE ;-)

But yeah, anyone else got any personal roleplay they find pertinant to the main story and feel like sharing? I'm always interested to hear how people interpret the source materials we all share.


The CloudWolf Chronicles: Two Beers

The CloudWolf Chronicles: Peace Protest.

The CloudWolf Chronicles: At Any Time.

The Situation Of Captain CloudWolf: An Explanation ((OOC)):
02-23-2010, 12:32 PM,
RE: Possible Story Ideas
I actually wrote down alot of ideas on the storyline, I even wrote an entire arc that was to take place between SOE's MxO and MxOE. However, I think I will concentrate mainly on Cypherites since if we do get a writing staff going, I'd like to write for the Cypherites.

Suicide bombing by a Cypherite Operative takes out The Oligarch's defense system in the real, which leads to an attack on The Oligarch base.

After redpills are able to jack back into The Matrix, Veil starts to wonder if Cryptos is holding the organization back, and is tired of know-towing the machines. This is one of those major plot points where I think it should be decided by the Cypherite Operatives on whether or not Cryptos stays or goes. If the operatives agree with Veil, then Veil will pull his jack and become sole leader of the Cypherites. If they disagree, she'll still try to pull his jack, but is stopped by another crew member and goes into hiding.

If Veil becomes the sole leader of the Cypherites, she launches a campaign to bomb several Zion and EPN bases in The Matrix. She also re-negotiate a deal with Agent Pace and Agent Gray. The Cypherites will basically become a terrorist organization.

Now this isn't Cypherite related, however I think with The Oracle gone (and please don't bring her back, I hate the revolving door of death), there should be other programs wanting to take her place. Programs that are knowledgeable in Tarot Cards, Astrology, basically any and all kind of fortune telling.

Those are my ideas for the Cypherites.
02-23-2010, 01:29 PM,
RE: Possible Story Ideas
I like that idea Meta about the Oracle NOT coming back. With her gone it can open the door for other programs to take her place and possibly put a new light on things. A question to Cloudwolf though , I really dig your story outline and if this becomes a premise for a future event would it be possible if we put the real life (in our real world) events into play with this? By that I mean , ok SOE shutdown the Matrix and God willing it is going to return again. Could we incorporate the matrix shutting down or at least going black and then "rebooting" to what we have now? I think it could actually help if we see an Oracle/Seraph/take your pick replacement. Plus I think it would lend to some continuity even though the physical game shut down we could make an rp reason for it (and no I don't mean using SOE as the culprit but maybe this Harbinger character?)
[Image: Barloke3copy.jpg]
02-23-2010, 01:41 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-23-2010, 01:51 PM by cloudwolf.)
RE: Possible Story Ideas
Well techically at the end of Chapter 14 there was a reboot, hence why the idea of Chapter 15 post Oligarch always appealed to me for future RP. It also forms the backstory to 2.0 where CloudWolf is an ex-military care worker involved with continued extractions from the first Matrix. That's an area I'd really like to explore, a "far future" kind of thing where each of the orgs/storylines have really reached ends/evolutions. The fun part would be deciding on the "canon" to fit the gap.

As for The Harbinger, he did always kinda intend to destroy The Matrix but I never meant for him to succeed. I suppose in my own little way I thought it'd would've been nice to have CloudWolf been the one to help Trinity merge with the Source. You know, it had the whole symbosis of Man/Machine/Exile thing going on. Then again I suspect everyone would want their character to be in that position, hence why I think if it was ever going to be implemented in the game it would've been a mission/instance, not an event. So everyone had the chance to play the hero.
02-23-2010, 01:49 PM, (This post was last modified: 06-02-2010, 02:10 PM by Neo VII.)
RE: Possible Story Ideas
Welcome to the Zion Mainframe: Historical Archives

The Renaissance of Neo the Sixth

In the beginning there was man, and for a time it was good. Then Man created Machine. For a time Man and Machine existed together in chaos. Then Machine created the Matrix. It was during the creation of the link between Man and Machine, that another race was born. The Program. Blessed is he who does not follow the paths of others, but follows his own. This particular program, deceived during most of it's existence, once believed itself to be a living person. A human being. Grant Man and Machine mercy for their sins.

In an attempt, by the machines, to understand and thus control the re-occurrence of the "Systemic Anomaly", the remains of the man known as The One were preserved, studied, and eventually copied into a digital existence.

This digital existence was void of the memories and experiences of "The One", yet encompassed everything else which characterized his essence. His perception, his reason, his focus, his determination, his will, these attributes were copied into a "Program".

Though initially, this program was a complete failure, lacking something the Machines were unable to predict or comprehend. What their failures were unable to duplicate were simple human connections. So the program was rewritten to be unaware of its true nature.

With much success, this Program was able to hinder the problem known as the re-occurrence of the Systemic Anomaly. At its core, the program was reset on a regular basis in an effort to control any chance of it becoming completely self aware. The problem occurred when the program became aware of this resetting process and hide a message for itself in its favorite reading material. Nietzsche's The Antichrist.

The Program was reset for a final time and upon reawakening, discovered its true essence after deciphering the message it had hidden in text. It was in this moment the world around it began to fail and the system began to "error". This discovery of its true nature, that its family had never existed, his friends, the people he loved. With the discovery of these truths, it became enraged. And it was so, that during this moment, he was somehow rewritten. Most notably, his brown eyes and brown hair shifted to a red glowing luminescence.

The Machines were dispatched for it's deletion. All attempts failed. Most memorably, Agent Pace, whom even after defeating it, discovered that it was able to reconstruct itself, reappearing moments after it's destruction from a hard-line telephone. It escaped capture and imprisonment through the subway, exiled to another part of the system, harbored by the program known as, The Merovingian.

Its whereabouts are currently unknown, yet it's widely perceived throughout the Matrix, that it seeks vengeance on the System that created it. For the family it loved. For the friends that never existed. For the lies it was told.

Though fate, is not without a sense of irony, for someone he loved was indeed a real living person. She currently searches the Matrix for him, in an effort to persuade him and the group of devout programs that follow him, from their path to destroy the Machines, The Matrix, and all of Mankind.

Thank you for visiting the Zion Mainframe: Historical Archives
[Image: SigVII-1.gif]
02-23-2010, 04:15 PM,
RE: Possible Story Ideas
Here was an idea I had written down about a week after MXO shut down. It's really just an idea but I guess it could better explain what I was getting at in the post above. If anyone is interested I would love to bounce around a few ideas for some added content. Big Grin

Darkness Falls

The White Hallways stood as they always had from distant time, pristine, silent, desolate and with a coldness that could only come from the sentience of equations and balances. The numerous green doorways that framed each side of the halls were closed and locked but in the silence that was so rarely disturbed one door did squeak open fulfilling perhaps for the last time, function and purpose.

The Merovingian could not recollect at the moment the last time he ever ran for his existence. It was not that he didn’t have the capacity. Exiles don’t exactly age and in a world that was an illusion, with the proper training an Exile could achieve almost god-like abilities. The Merovingian ran in the White Hallways but the pain he felt wasn’t from his legs from fatigue, it was in the pit of his belly. He wasn’t alone to his right was Flood also running for his worth. Like the Merovingian he too knew what was at stake and he could also bear witness to the horrible reality of what was being lost.

They both ran silently each with his own fears that were amplified due to the dire situation in which they found themselves in. This was the last chance at continued survival and the past tricks were not going to work this time. The stopped at a “t” intersection of the hallway and the Merv only had to flick his eyes to Flood to get the answer he needed. Flood looked wildly around for one moment and then pointed to his right and said shortly “there” and then they were once again running.

The Merovingian gritted his teeth in exertion but mostly also in anger. To have the end come like this! And no warning yet! They didn’t have any time really in the penthouse offices as they saw the Downtown skyline darken. There was no time to warn anybody even his beloved was in peril as well as every sentient in the Matrix both man and machine.

Flood stopped suddenly and it was all the Merovingian could do not to crash into him. “It’s here” Flood said “this is the only door we can take”. The Merv looked back at Flood warily as he reached in his coat pocket “are you sure?” he asked as he took out a ring of keys “if you are mistaken we will share the fate of those still in…” “Of course I’m sure!” Flood snapped, raising the eyebrows of the Merv. This was a first in a whole slew of firsts that have happened this dark day but for now the Merovingian was not going to dwell on it as time was definitely not on their side.

As the Merovingian rummaged through the keys on the ring Flood hissed “hurry, it’s almost here!” As if on cue the far end of the hallways began to darken until the lights were completely out. The darkness then began to travel toward them slowly, darkening everything around it while the Merovingian frantically grabbed the key he was going to use.

Pushing the key in the lock he spared one look at the darkness that was traveling toward them and as he turned the key, the darkness overtook them. “Sacre…” the Merv began as he heard the door lock pull back. The door swung open and what light that rushed out was a glowing red. Both programs didn’t spare another second as they crossed through the door, damned or saved this was the only option left. The door swung shut and soon even that ceased to exist, all that was left was blackness that was as dark as the universe without stars.
[Image: Barloke3copy.jpg]
02-23-2010, 11:55 PM,
RE: Possible Story Ideas
So far guys I have to say that the Ideas are amazing! Cloudwolf your idea has interested me the most so far with this Harbinger. Perhaps we could edit the character slightly? Id like to discuss this with your further. If you use MSN, can you add me? or send me a PM with your email address please.


02-24-2010, 12:38 AM,
RE: Possible Story Ideas
These stories are honestly some of the best i have heard in a while, like, this just testifies to the awesomness of the community MXO's created Big Grin

And personaly cloudwolf, wether your machine, merv or zion, you've got my support IC and OOC Big Grin!
02-24-2010, 03:43 AM,
RE: Possible Story Ideas
Hey, where's the love for me? lol j/k Tongue
02-24-2010, 04:02 AM,
RE: Possible Story Ideas
Love.... Im not one of those lovers of metalogic. LOL Only joking hehe

Everyone's ideas are fantastic truly and when the time comes to discuss LET etc Its gonna be very very tough to choose a small team of people!

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