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a RoleplayStory as of Emu...
02-11-2014, 11:31 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-11-2014, 11:46 PM by TRX.)
a RoleplayStory as of Emu...
i found this hanging at MxOSource forum, and since it is my writing i can do whatever i want with it. Since i dont even follow that project anymore, and since i got message of people who loved the story to motivate me to keep writing, because of kinda out of control posts my way about some spellingcheck, without reading the actual content of the post, imma rip the whole story off there and hover it over here, where i had much less rudeness to begin with. And so i decided to post it here.. For those who like the actual story content, and do antf***k about a few spellingfaults.
Chapter 1
"Welcome back Captain... we are certainly glad you got home safe..."

'Thank you Councillor'

"Can you describe to everyone here... what you have been through.. after the forced ejection of the awakened from the simulation.. in your own words?

'yes sir.. i'll do my best..'

The room became more silent, as the Council, the Zioncontrollofficers, and some Hovercraft Captains and Operators, focussed on TRX to begin the requested reporting of events.

'Because of the forced ejection.. the crewmembers that were jacked in at that time.. have lost their lives.. either instantly, or within the hour after the ejection.'

He paused while clearing his throat.

'The list of casualties, has been filed to Zioncontrollofficer Tyndall.
Only Lyrics my Operator, and i survived, due also to the fact i wasnt jacked in myself.'

"You were not?" asked the female councillor.

"No Councillor.. i jacked out a few hours earlier then my team.. because i reached limit of 8 hours straight shift jacked in the matrix."

"I see.. continue.."

"... just before the eject of my team.. a huge jamming signal blocked communication with the jacked team.. according to my Operator Lyrics..
Unable to contact them in time, also the emergency jackout procedure failed, and we could not pick up their signal in time."

'Captain, we are sorry for this loss, if you feel the need to pause at any time, we will understand, and give you 10 minute break.'

"Thank you, but i rather continue now, but if so, i'll say so.."

"Very well.. continue Captain.."

"Then after the ejection.. all onboard communications went down.. only radar funtions.. and the ships lifesupportfunctions.. en engines still worked."

The Captain sighed as you could see he had trouble to find words, due also to his tiredness.

"We then first brought the ship, to safety out of broadcastdepth, and began troubleshooting to re-establish communication.. also re-igniting the ships engines, and when we succeeded in doing so after some time.. we got the message from Zioncontrol to return home immediatly."

"But because we were a long way from New Zion, and recieved multiple s.o.s. messages, we requested permission to aid nearby hovercrafts..wich was permitted."

"We succesfully gave aid to three vessels, among Captain Vesuveus's flag ship of the Daniel institute of Dreaming Interpretation, we decided to return the long journey home as we began to rapidly lose rescources."

"i don't see Captain Vesuveus here, is he allright?" asked one of the Councillors.

"Yes Councillor.. Allthough..He was the only survivor onboard his vessel, wich had taken heavy damage, he was shook up by the events, and had been starving of hunger, and had some trouble to sleep the first days, because due to isolation, and constantly awareness to protect his ship from being attacked.. but after a week of rest and eating regularly, he recovered very well as time past. He also just docked and is filing requested information at the commandcenter as we speak."

"Very well.. but we also like that he reports here just as you.. somewhat later.. within reasonable time... allthough if he does not want to.. we will not force him, but will read is filed reports from command instead.. due to the circumstances."

"Thank you Councillor.. that is very thoughtful of you.." TRX showed a little smile after his words.
The Council gathered their heads together, spoke somewhat and continued asking:

"We have interviewed other Captain's, or read their filed reports, about new developments regarding the simulation.. what did you notice prior to these developments, and what is your vision on the current status of these developments?"

"Well.. many ships are lost, as well as their crew, we documented and filed about 8 Zion vessels as a totall lost.. and over 40 deaths, 13 wounded, and about 22 missing since.
We dont have exact Numbers of redpills from other orgs. we estimated around the same numbers, give or take a few less or more.
But.. the really scary part of this all is that... short after the ejection from the simulation, hundreds of sentinels were deployed by the machine, it has come to our attention that the sentinels have attacked every Hovercraft they encountered... regardless of wich organization."

a silence followed..

"But to conclude all events according to personal aquired information wich you asked me here for.. the following..:

Our best hackers, have found ways to enter the simulation after all this time, allthough due to the vast expansion of firewalls, triggered virusses, and work arounds, the connection, the signal, and interfaces, the experience of being jacked in is very glitched. But it is possible to at least enter the areas of richland and westview districts for now."

"Communication is not always stable, and we are now bound to other rules, wich can hardly be bent or broken, untill maybe the time comes there is an other solution, or the havy security is somehow decoded."

"How many times have you entered the matrix since then?.. And.. did you have any contact with others within the simulation, with whom, and have you heard anything from the oracle, or the merovingian, or any other program, Oliarchs or evidence of any other important figure?"

"i would say several ten times, there has been contact with veteran hackers, a handful of operatives from various orgs, who seem to have a truce so far, that is between redpills speaking only, even less other captains, but there's reasonable doubt about timespan, and glitches blocking us from seeing each other. And there has been no evidence of what program, or entity within simulation, we simply have no evidence pointing towards anything. There have been a few sightings, but all is not trustworthy due to the experience of being jacked in is unlike we ever seen."

"So what do you suggest we do Captain?"

again a brief silence fills the room...

"That is a tough question.. but i guess if we want to know about the oracle to start with.. we would have to go search, but we might even have to look in a totally different ways, or clues.. not in any way obvious or expectable then before the massive kickout, if those are correct word to begin with."

"However.. i dont know why, but im optimitic if comes to finding clues, of it's whereabouts... i can't explain why, i just believe nothing is impossible anymore, after all those years since i was first awakened, and being almost awakened for a second first time.. so it feels."

"Well Captain TRX... thank you for these insights, your dedication, and your Operator as well, and if we need to re-examine reports, from you or others to get to the source the mysteries we are all facing, we will count on you coming here again on request, and, if , or, going in the simulation for the purpose of solving related issues, in these matters. But we do suggest, and recommend you to take it slow at first, get some well earned rest, and when you do feel the need to work, that you start working in parttime schedules first."

"Affirmative Sir.. i will take you advice at heart, thank you for your compliments, allthough i feel... i did what was.. my duty"

Chapter 2

"Goodmorning Captain TRX.. Thank you for appearing before the Council once again.. on such short notice.. How are you, since the last time you were here?"

"Goodmorning members of the Council. I'm doing well.. I've been taking some time off duty.. seeing family, and spend time with my wife, and contacted friends, some Captain's, to see how they have been doing. Thank you for asking"

"Ah.. we are glad you are doing fine Captain. I guess you have been thinking about the advise we gave you last time?"

"Yes Sir, i have.. the last few days, i have been inspecting my Hovercraft, together with my Operator, but only for 4 hours a day, we made some repairs, and improvements."

"I see.. Hows is Operator Lyrics doing?"

"Ah.. well.. she has been taking time for herself also... but she has started workin full already for some time now.."

"Sounds good.. but keep an eye out she does not overdo it.."

"Yes Sir."

"So, Captain.. to get to the core of the matter why we asked you here.. We have seen, spoke to, and read reports of other Captains and Fleetcommanders. Also we had frequent contact with Contollofficer Tyndall. Allthough we did not hear out everybody yet... On asking the same question to all.. as.. to how they think we should proceed regarding the simulation.. many of them believe it would be a good start.. if we start pointing noses in the same direction. As i said allthough we have not interviewed everybody yet.. we do believe that it would be a good to start looking for clues, and the whereabouts of the oracle, because we do feel as most of us, that the approach to seek answers about the future, will be more valuable then answers about the past, and we will believe that answers about the future, eventually will give us enough informaton about what happend in the past anyway."

the Councillor paused for a few seconds and questioned:
"Are you willing to volunteer starting on these matters, of course with help form some others, outfront?"

TRX didn't need long to answer the question;

"Yes Sir, i'm certainly willing to seek more answers about the whereabouts of the oracle. you can count me in Sir"

"OK.. Captain.. you will soon recieve more information, on the other volunteers.. those who will be working with you.. in the next days or so. You can call officer Tyndal, from within the matrix to recieve your mission details.."

"Yes Sir.. thank you"

A day or 3 later...

TRX and his Operator Lyrics finally finished, the last tweaks and updates on the ship, and its broadcastdeck. Lyrics had been having contact with various hackers, to understand the kind of updates and workarounds across the global structure of the broadcast interfaces, and for her felt like learning the profession of Operator all over again, in the technical part of the line of work.
Allthough she found it tough, she actually started to like learning more and more about the job.. just as the early days of becoming an Operator.

On the 3rd day, the two woke up and met in the messhall, for some breakfast, while discussing the latest improvements of the system, and looking back on it satisfied with the outcome.

"You know T.. we should run a few tests, and get you jacked in, to see if all runs as smooth as possible. I wanna be sure that the basic needs like EJP and commlink to the ship are stable enough before beginning the mission we are assigned to."

TRX proudly locked eyes with his Operator, and replied smiling:

"I knew you would say this, and your right, better be safe then sorry."

After the two finished there meal, both got ready to bring the hovercraft to broadcast depth not too far from home.

"Place her right there Lyrics, in the gap on the right, should be a safe corner in case of sentinelscouts picking up a signal."

Lyrics professionally put the hovercraft in place, after a: "roger that"

"Well... let's get jacked" said TRX eager to jack in.

The two made way to the broadcast deck, and after double checking the requirements for a succesful jack in, Lyrics connected her Captain with the interfacepin.
TRX's eyes opened wider, and then shut his eyes as the green rain of code started to slowly morph into the matrix at Uriah NE hardline.

As soon as he was succesfully jacked in, wearing nothing but a tight boxershort and a cellure in his hand, he felt somewhat awkward, and called his Operator.

With an almost bursting into laugh sound in her voice he heard Lyrics picking up the call: "Phffghehehe Operator....."

TRX on his turn replied less amused:

"...Lyrics... i am naked... if i ever notice you told this to some one.. imma not letting ya off easy.."

Lyrics couldn't help laughing somewhat and joking some more about it:

"Hahahaha.. Don't worry Sir.. you look great, but.. does it feel cold over there or.. are ya always this uhmmm.... pale Tongue"

"Very funny Lyrics... now let's cut the standup comedian act, and tell me why.. im naked.. and what i can do next, to at least get on some pants."

"Ok ok.. due to the updates your RSI is not "fully" loaded.. no worries.. Stokes down the road there has some clothing for ya.."

TRX made his way to stokes and got some clothing, for free, and began makin his way to the next hardline i uriah.

Again the two made contact, and Lyrics explained some do's and don't's about usage, rules, and that he had to adapt to these.

After testing his hyperjump and hyperspeed abillities and dicussing those they concluded testresults.

"Well... i think all is somewhat glitchy but certainly improved since the last time i was jacked in, the connection feels more stable, and some glitches are actually fixed."

"OK.. T.. sounds good, try to jackout? Meanwhile i'll try contact ZionCommand, and Zioncontrol, to inform we are ready to assemble with the others, if they are ready too.."

"Yeah.. i wanna do one thing and get to mara central to see if i can get there without too much glitches before jacking out.. see ya in a few."

All that was said was done succesfully, and the Captain woke up in on the broadcastdeck safely, to extended satisfaction on the test mission.
Lyrics made contact, to then wait on confirmation.

2 days later.. somewhere in an abandoned subwaystation in the Rogers Way district.

"I'm glad to see such experienced captians and operative in my presence, to work together on "Operation CookieSearch"... I donno who came up with the idea to call it that, but hey, humor is a good thing in this situation .. right?."

TRX slowly passed everyone while continueing his words.

"But for a serious note.. lemme get one thing straight with all of you here as TeamCap, i do not, i repeat, Do Not, want to lose anyone on this mission. We have had too much casuallties already, and im gonna go cookook if i lose even one soul in here again.

TRX reached for a smoke, and lit it, then continued:

"In order to make that chance as small as humanly possible, the following orders are of the highest priority:

1. In any case of resistance in any form, retreat/withdraw, and contact the other team members, when your safe.

2. If you cannot get to safety for some reason, then call the operator who will guide you to the nearest exit, to jackout, and tell what youve seen to the operator who will contact the others.

3. In case you find the oracle, do not interact too much, or ask too much, or do stuff on your own, but keep it there, protect it at any cost if needed, and contact all teammembers with the coords, attached.

4. after the mission, succesfull, or unsuccesfull, everyone makes sure we are all safe before we jackout, and when we have jacked out, we will debrief at HQ, and get a freaking drink, if not get drunk...

The sound of chuckles filled the area.


All replied in choir: Yes sir..

"Ok then, let's roll!"

Every one made theire way outside, checking PDA's or hyperdashed straight away, in pairs.

TRX called his operator.

Lyrics answered the call ..


"Keep an eye on every position, of this team, and update them to my PDA, every two minutes, please"

"Yes sir.."

"TRX out.."

With the team scattered all over megacity, crossing multiple districts, the most obvious start was of course the oracle's home, as we know it.
The old appartments near Debir Court, in Mara.

TRX went to see the place, but it was soon very clear, that it was abandoned.

The only thing recognizable, was the stove, where the oracle use to make cookies. He could almost smell the fragrance of the warm, fresh, baked, chocolate chipped cookies.

He scanned the appartment for any clues that might still be there, but with no avail.

A short text message, form his operator, appeared on his PDA, with the locations of the other teammembers.

Next idea, he was thinkin', it might be good to also look for places where he might find Seraph, that is, if the fella was still hangin somewhere.

TRX made his way to the hardline where he chose to go to, Tabor East HL.

The others, of the team, were searching for a needle in a haystack too, but had their'e own places in mind, to find clues, from their'e own experiences.

From fightclubs, to the casino, from churches, to the hearthotel, and of course the landmarks, such as the ascension monument in rogers way.
Or the places where they met the Oracle, or Seraph themselfs.

Questions started to arise, as the made way through the city.
Why this rejection, and some things were so much changed, that it began to look like a reset of the matrix.

TRX now walking around from Tabor East, to Tabor West, the districts, where he was first awakened, flashbacks started to occur, as he frequently scanned the area for out of the ordinary sightings.

Near Tabor West, he passed a building, where in the first days of his captaincy, he had an office, for short meetings with his crew. Sometimes he would go there alone, to think about stuff, planning strategies, or just sit at the desk, smokin a ciggy, and be alone.

Just after he passed it, he decided to walk back, as he could not resist to take a peak in that office, and sit down for a minute.

He walked through the entrance, through the narrow hallways, to the last door, where a little smile appeared on his face, while standing still, at the door for a few seconds.
Thinking about a few years back when he would make a remote proxy 5.0, and ordered it to stand guard at the door, and set it to agressive, so whenever an enemy would pass by that door, would get attacked, wich one day happened when he was sitting at his desk inside, and heard gunshots outside. Then when he got to check it out, the proxy was gone, and backdoor was open. When he got outside, he was totally flabbergasted, to find a young merovingian operative, on the edge of losing the fight against his remote proxy.

TRX entered the office, and absolutly nothing had changed in all this time he didn't visit the place.
It looked dusty, with smudgy carpet, and stains on the old wallpaper.
He picked out a chair, and set down, and to his pleasure he saw, that the old desktelephone was still sitting there on his desk, like nothing ever happened.

His PDA sounded, again with a short text message of the positions of the others, ending the text with the words:
"No cookie yet".

TRX sat back, and mumbled: "Smoke 'm if you have 'm.."
As he use to say whenever he took a break.

He took out his pack of smokes, took oine out, looked at it, then lit it with his zippo, took a drag of his cigarette, and exhaled the smoke towards the window.

He looked outside, and started brainstorming outloud as to where he would go next:
"the Oracle, must 've known they were lookin for it, if it is still somewhere in the matrix. It is just a question of time...
And if Seraph is also still outthere somewhere, then he prolly is opening a door somew......
Wait a minute...
There's only one door leading to the white hallway' s from richland.. and what if he is there?
Or, come to think of it, nearby is a bookstore, and what if.. they are hiding in a construct..?"

TRX stood up, still sucking his cigarette, walked back outside, and made his way to the Tabor West Hardline, to teleport to Moriah East.

When he got there, he turned to his right, and wanted to enter the backdoor of the clothing store, wich was locked.

"Figures" he mumbled.

"Where's the key when ya need it" he again mumbled.

He went back outside, to walk north, towards the bookstore.

Then when he entered it, some bluepills where going about thei're daily boring lives, shopping for boring books.
He recognized the man behind behind the counter, but the man didn't recognize him.
Wich was odd..
With the little money in his pocket, he had to make a choice, wich tickets he should buy, to enter wich construct.
He looked at the tickets, and one was almost too easy, but, he decided he would that one to begin with..
"Sati' s Playground"

"If it does not work, or, if i find scratch, i can try one more other contruct." he whispered in his mind.

When TRX finally got in Sati's Playground, through the teleporter in the bookstore, he couldnt help smiling.
The fact Sati made it was evident.
Blue/purple sky's with a lil yellow in it.
An exact copy of Debir Court was also there. Just a little more colorful.

It looked quiet, but, you would have to be on your toes in this place. Before you knew it, some ninja could jump ya.
TRX called his operator.

The playfull tone of Lyrics sounded thtough the speaker: "Operator.."

TRX tried to sound cool also: "Yeah.. it's me.."

"I was just about to send you the next set of coordinates T.."

"Well.. Lyrics.. I think i found a good chance for a lead.. can ya send the rest my coordinates.. and tell them to meet me here A.S.A.P?"

"Will do T.."

TRX closed his cellure with a short whip of his wrist.
He figured to scout the area before the rest of his team arrived.
He opened his PDA, mapchecked his coordinates, and started walking in a big circle staying close to the construct's borders.
The place was a little too quiet, no cars, no bluepills, just the sound of a soft wind blowin through the trees.

He picked up his phone when it rang: "T here.."

"Operator here.. The rest of the team is almost there, they are at the bookstore right now.. except for Shearman, and Slicks, they will guard the area around the bookstore to make sure its fine to come back."

"Roger.. I'm surprised already, that we didnt bump into anyone else yet.."

"You are right about that Sir.. "

"Keep a close eye though.."

"Will do T.."

TRX closed his cellure while he made his way back to the teleportcoordinates.
Just when he lit another cigarette, the first two spawned in front of him, then right after that the rest of the team.

"Welcome to Sati's lil creation fella's" said TRX, as if he was an announcer at a festival.

One of the guys replied: "Over here kids.. we have the swings.. be good now.. and stay close to daddy.."

TRX informed the team: "Ok guys.. there's a good chance we can find some clues here.. let's go in pairs, and check the buildings around the Debir Court copy."

After a searching a few buildings the one on the left was next.
When a few team members came back to TRX, and told him they saw Sati, but when they got close she disappeared in front them like she was a ghost, they all went to check it out.

When they entered the second floor, walking through the narrow hallway, they all witnessed Sati standing at the end of the hallway.
Then she waved.

When the team approached here closer, she vanished in front of them.

"What the..." said Blazin.

TRX looked at two of his team and said:

"Stay right here.. in case she comes back.. The rest of you, follow me.."

They searched some rooms, but nothing was there, and then moved one floor up using the staircase.
And again when they entered another hallway, Sati appeared again at the end of the hallway.

TRX whispered: "Don't move.. "

Everyone stopped walking, when Sati waved to them.
The team did not move, and it looked like Sati wasn't going anywhere.
TRX' s Phone beeped, indicating he had a short text message.
When he opened the message, he saw it was from the team of two one floor lower with the words: "Sati is here"
TRX replied texting: "Dont move"

He whispered that the same was happening downstairs, to his team while he pressed the sendbutton.
Sati waved again.

TRX waved back to see if she reacted, and said: "Hi Sati.. can ya see us honey?"

But Sati did not react to TRX his words.

"It looks like some sort of transmission Sir.." whispered Blazin.

"Looks like it.." TRX answered.

TRX looked around him, then towards Sati, then said: "Im afraid if we coma closer, she disappears again, Blazin.. you stay here.. and we will go back to the staircase, and go one floor up to see if there are more Sati' s.

"OK T.."

TRX and the three men left Blazin walkin backwards, then turned around and got to the 4th floor.
Then it happened, Sati showed herself there also, waved, and then made handsignal to come closer.
They slowly walked over to Sati, untill they were facing her.
She appeared to be slighly glitchy here and there, like the beginning of a Jackout Procedure.

TRX sat down on one knee so he could face her.

"What is it hun?.. You can tell ole T, can't ya?

Sati' s eyes looked sad, and a lil tear rolled down her cheek, then she whispered: "I'm scared.."

TRX answered her, also whispering: "How come sweety?"

Sati paused, then whispered: "Everything is grey.. and i can't leave this place.."

TRX: "Am i grey too?"

Sati whispered with another tear rolling down her cheek: "Yes.. you look grey too.."

TRX put his hand on her shoulder, and noticed it felt like weak electricity.

Sati whispered: "I' m so tired.. i can't stay to talk with you, it makes me tired."

Sati started to glitch again, but now more frequently.
TRX didn't want to ask her more, afraid that it would cost to much energy, so he thaught he tried cheer her mood a little, so he whispered her gently:

"Sati honey.. We will come back for you.. and help you to get you out.. ok?.. Your' e a strong little girl.. And when we come back.. maybe we can bring Seraph and Oracle to help too.. Do you know where they are?"

Sati gazed at TRX with hope in her eyes, then softly said:

"I don't know where Oracle is, but Seraph knows.."

TRX: "Do you know where i can find Seraph?"

Sati: "He is ...."

Sati now, really started to glitch heavily, she talked but there was no sound.

TRX tried to get read her lips to get the answer, but he could not see it, as she glitched all over the place.

"I can't hear you honey..." he said.

Sati pointed upwards and looked up, the she tried to hug TRX but as soon as she tried, she vanished.

When the team left the building, the team got together, outside, near the teleporter.

"We have one lead, and i'm happy with it" said TRX with a smile.

"It' s better then comin back emptyhanded, aint it?" said Blazin while taking off his gloves.

TRX looked at his PDA, checked the time, and said:

"We still have some time left, whatta yall say we try figuring out what Sati ment?"

The team confirmed the idea either by handsignal, or nodding.

"The question is though, where to start? Because, she pointed upwards, but, up where?"

"We could check the upperfloors of the building, and roof, but somethin says me that aint the place" mumbled shearman.

"It would be dumb not to check it either, excuse me, i don't like the word dumb, it would not be wise.... to not check it" said one of the others.

TRX took off his shades, and put it in his inside pocket, of his black tan duster.
Then faced the two, sayin:

"Well.. guys.. i suggest you two check that out, and while your' e back there, register the coordinates of Sati' s Position to your PDA, and in case you find nothing but air, then send that coords to me and the operator."

"Ok Cap.."

Both left back in the direction of the building, while TRX asked the others:

"As we are here, in a construct, that means we are outside the borders of the simulation itself, does any one know what is above this construct?"

Blazin pulled his PDA out of the pocket of his coat, while sayin:

"Good question Sir, lemme check that on current coordinates."

After some serious looks on his face while checking his screen, he stated:

"According to my coords T, about 2 miles above this construct, should be the border, between districts Zia and kedemoth..."

"In that case.. let us go there, to see if we can come up with any idea where to find a next lead or clue.." said TRX while he snapped open his cellure to inform his Operator.

On arrival at the exact coordinates, all operatives split up in theire own direction, to scan the area.

After searching for a while, checking bars and fightclubs, vendors and bookstores, but without progress, they decided to rendezvous at last location.

Blazin shrugged: "Beats me T.. there is absolutely no sign of him at all.."
and after a pause:

"But.. we cant give up now also, with still a half an hour on the clock.."

"what about further up?" asked the youngest operative of the team.

"uhm.... " Blazin checked his coords again: "I'm not sure, but they look familiar tho.."

"Wild guess?" TRX asked, almost sounding like a gameshow host.

"Well.. of the record of course.. and again dont pin me down on it, but its or... a white room.. or some kind of outpost slash construct.."

"a white room could be, but it seems to me that it aint a white room, and there are many constructs.. so .. if it were a construct or outpost wich one would you be if you were Seraph..?"


"Well .. are thinkin what im thinkin then?.."

"I donno what ya reckon then?.."

Both in choir said: "Sakura"

"hahahah well cant hurt to check now can it?"

And so they went.
Arriving in Sakura felt weird somehow, like danger was lurking at every corner.

"Do you feel that T?"

"you mean awareness?"

"thats softly put.."

"Yeah.. actually.. i'm not scared easily but.. i would say i feel fear.. sorta.."

"Me too"


The others argeed.

"my heart is like pumpin like there is no tomorrow."

"Well.. what bothering me is.. why?... and the fact it feels like fear in the real.."

"Thats what scaring me too"

"Let's stick close together, and keep all sences open for whatever is ringing bells"

When they entered the area near the centre, the feeling got worse, untill the yougest operative said:

"what.. look.. in the name of Neo is that?"

A golden bright light with the outlines of a human form started to approach them slowly..

"Is that..." said blazin

"Seraph?.." TRX answerd

The more it approached it the more power could be felt, the presence of it was so strong, that it caused them fear like it had so much power it could overtake easily.

When it finally faced the team.. they indeed recognized the figure of Seraph in it.

But TRX wanted the confirmation.

"Seraph... is that.. you?"

Seraph took some time before he wanted to answer.

"If you want to be sure.. you will have to fight me.. because one doesn't truly know someone.."

TRX finished the sentence: "unless they fight each other.."

Seraph smiled, you could see his white teeth, under the golden aura he appeared to be.

TRX : "What happend? We seek the oracle, and Sati is somehow stuck in her playground.. and ehm.. you look.. different.. your presence is so strong.. tell me.. what happend to you?.."

Seraph: "Do not fear, im still the same.. but my strenght is more.. my code has changed.."

TRX: "But.. how come?"

Seraph: "I do not know.. i woke this way.."

TRX: "What about the Oracle.. is she still here?.."

Seraph: "Yes.. but i dont know where.. She has changed too.. but just like Sati, Oracle and i are stuck also.."

TRX: "Why cant you leave.. your'e strong.."

Serpah: "My strength is not issue, but the rules of this place make it so, i cant leave from here."

TRX: "Ok.. so.. who made the rules? Who owns them? The architect?"

Seraph: "I can not say.."

TRX: "Then can we visit the oracle, like we visit you and Sati?"

Seraph: "I dont know.. can.. maybe you can't.. the only way to know is to find her"

TRX: "Seraph.. is there anything we can do for you? Do you wish something?"

Seraph: "Yes.. Find Oracle.. I know she is within the matrix.. But changed.. and i dont know where.. find her.. and she will know what to do.. but you must hurry.. others are looking for her too.."

TRX: "OK Seraph.. We will do what we can.."

Seraph: "Now Go.. we have not much time.."

With these words they left.. and exited the matrix.. To report these happenings.. And once again.. one rule still remains.. in the matrix.. Some rules can bend, and others can be broken..
We are still here... and remember... we.. are .. not .. alone..

**Authors note**

As have read the forums of the 3 projects for about a year and half, the same discussionpoint, came to the surface.. What is canon, and what is not.
I know that many have bitter taste after, the policy's of Sony, as well as Warner Bros..
In order to begin a new, we must learn from the past.
There are still people wanting it all back as it was.. well.. i dont want burst ya bubble, but its NOT gonna happen.
But because of the hard work, from all projects, we have this chance as a community, to make something good out of this game, this philosophy, we love.

So.. after reading many of you, and good ideas, and lots of love, for the matrix, and people we have been with, i tried to avoid the hard stuff.
By that i mean, the thing we did, and did not like, because that a case of taste.

So.. i did my best, to avoid big issues about the past such as oligarchs and other sensative material, and tried to capture a possibillity, to create a new start, for all, looking towards, and not too much back.

For me.. it was a difficult task, to avoid a lot of the past, and keeping focus on the future, but, the only way, i could do it, personally, was to make the transition, as we have experienced it.

Wich is been away to long feeling, the glitchyness of the new servers in the beginning, to more stabillity now.

And in order to achieve looking towards the future, is to not be black and white about what is canon about the past, or not, or what we must have in the future, or not,..but a second layer.. between the simulation and real, to make the transition between past and future more invisible.

Because, if i may ask you, if ya read this story.. did you think more about the past? or the future?

And.. how easily was it.. to feel.. that x factor, that the movie, and the genre itself wich we call the matrix..?

If i answer these questions myself..

While writing it, i thought more about future then past, allthough there's still the maybe needed curiosity, about past, and i agree that some question about it can be answered.
But lets not focus on that too much.

And for me.. when i read back what i have written, the images, of the matrix, the story's, and being there.. comes to life.. as if im there.

Lets not forget, there are so many, and so much more story's to be told, within the concept of the matrix, and thats because, it is, so wide in perspective, and new layers in it can make it.. again.. that game, that world, that we love.

Markus aka TRX

**short note**

For the need of writing, and a taste of the matrix flavor.. i decided to continue the story, i started in this open roleplay thread.
I hope you'll enjoy it, as much as i like to write about it.
Greetz TRX

After finding Seraph, with the request to find the Oracle, with only a small hint she was in the matrix, but changed in appearance, the captains and operatives all returned home, all in seperate hovercrafts.

The idea was to all report to ZioncontrollOfficer Tyndall, and if there were more questions that needed to be answered after that, they would report to the Council.

On the way home, they contact each other through a secure radio frequency.
By the time TRX got home and reported to Tyndall, he was third to debrief.

Tyndall: "Goodafternoon TRX, welcome home, and i must say i am curious, about your input, in the total debriefing."

TRX: "Where would you like me to begin? Because i guess you have heard of the others what happend."

Tyndall: "Indeed i have heard what happend, here are the other reports, if you would check them for me, if they correctly filed."

TRX: "Of course, no problem..."

After checking them, and approved them to be the truth as far as it could get, he asked Tyndall what she wanted to know.

Tyndall: "I would like to know what has been crossing your mind, in the time you needed to return home."

TRX: "Well .. at this point we dont have much clues, to continue our search.. other than.. we know that the Oracle, is somewhere in the matrix, and has changed appearance. So .. somewhere in the matrix could be anywhere, and "changed appearance" is also everthing between man, woman, young or old, and does not help much either, for all we know we are looking for an 80 year old man without any teeth..."

Tyndall giggled, and had to take a breather, to get serious about the subject again.

Tyndall: "OK ..but what would you say, would be wise to look for, not to forget the fact that the code structure of the Oracle might be totally different, making it also almost impossible, to find her within the code of the matrix."

TRX: "i have no clue what so ever, for now, and i might come up with an idea or two, but we also don't have much time, according to Seraph, as he warned that others were looking for the Oracle also."

Tyndall: "in how much time do you think you can get back in the matrix?"

TRX: "i would say in an hour or 5.."

Tyndall: "Ok, that sounds good"

TRX: "i dont know about the others of course.."

Tyndall: "I am playing with the idea, to let every one, go by themselfs, and then report to me seperately, and maybe later set up a team again"

TRX: "Ok.. no problem, so i am the first to go?"

Tyndall: "Yup.. if you don't have any objections.."

TRX: "absolutely not.. i will contact you in about 5 to 6 hours, from within the matrix as soon as i am jacked in.."

Tyndall: "Good.. thats settled than, good luck T."

TRX: "thanks Tyndall.."

When TRX left the office, he ordered Lyrics to get the ship ready, and to arrange some one who could help her pilot, and some one for back up, to jack in also if somethin happend to go wrong.
After that he went to eat and sleep, to get ready for a long jack in.

When TRX entered the Blue Distortion, he found Lyrics in the battle stations, checking up on ammo, and if everything else was in order.

She was so in her work she didn't notice T entering behind her, so when he got close to her saying something like: "Are you expecting a horde of sentinels?"

Her heart ended up in her throat, eyeballing him very angry, for scaring the creeps out of her.

"I'm sorry, i couldn't help it" chuckled TRX

"You just wait and see, for the inevitable moment, where i have a surprise for you .. Captainnn.. and after that, you will never again scare the living daylight out of me" She replied.

Rex smiled sayin: "Is that a promise?"

Lyrics: "Youbetya T.."

TRX: "So, did you do as i asked you, about the mission?"

Lyrics: "Of course.. i 've arranged a trainee pilot, from the flagship, his name is Anis, and according to Ps10n, he is a work of art, so, we'll see if Anis can uphold that stateme3nt on the mission... And for the backup Operative, i got you.. Chillz.. and don't be fooled by his name, cause this guy, is a freelancer, and has seen almost every Hovercraft, on the inside, worked for nearly every Captain, in near to every fleet. This man is a veteran, and never wanted to be Captain.. cause.. and i quote: "I'm just havin fun, being a walking machinefist combo".

TRX scratched his head: "Ok, so why has he never been on our hovercraft? Although i know the name from some where in the back of my head.."

Lyrics: "Ah see.. He has been.. but under a different name.. just onces for an assassination.. and it's been a while.. and i can't even recall, if you were there, in the mission that is."

TRX : "Oooo K, so.. any thing else i should know?"

Lyrics: "Yeah.. don't .. i repeat.. Do not... say Chill.. if would want to make him clear that he needs to relax.. you might a have a problem.."

TRX: "ehhrr.. say what?"

Lyrics: "Haha.. got ya there already, and this was just a minor lil joke.."

TRX: "heh.. I love you too Operator.."

By the time all members arrived and ready, they had lost some time, at the gates, by some malfunction.

The ride was smooth without any encounters, for miles and miles, as for a side mission, TRX wanted to see the surface also after the mission.

When everything was set and ready, with Anis keeping an eye on the radar, and Chillz staying to help Lyrics setting up TRX's jack in procedure, TRX felt the interface pin, connecting in his head.

When his RSI adapted to the feed of the matrix, and the rain of code slightly turned into the view of Achan Central, he scanned the are for something suspicious or out of the ordinary, before he got out his PDA, for a map check, to decide wich way he wanted to walk, to get to the next hardline.

In these situations, he just blended in the crowd, from hardline to hardline, as sorta walking from checkpoint to checkpoint.

He made a way point, and started to walk, around the corner, to the sidewalk.

As he was observing his surroundings, he noticed, it was much busier in the streets, more cars driving, more people around him, like it was traffic hour.

"Hhmppff.. strange" he mumbled, while passing by a red haired lady in a black outfit, making him think about Beanix, a good friend a few years back.

This felt more like the old days. Somehow.

But after a 15 minutes walking, although nothing really triggered a sense of danger, he didn't trust this either.

He called in.

Lyrics: "Operator.."

TRX: "Yeah.. it's me.. say.. is it me.. or .. do i really notice changes in the matrix?"

Lyrics: "ehmm yes and no"

TRX: "Do explain.."

Lyrics: "Well.. i updated all interfaces, feed is more stable, feels more alive doesn't it, it's called cfg_400...update"

TRX: "It certainly does, but, how come it seems more busy than lately, more like before the "blackout".. sorta?"

Lyrics: "i don't know T.. code looks more than ok.. i guess.. things keep changing for the better.."

TRX: "hmmm ok.. well.. i have set target to the next HL.. and i am almost there, so, lemme know if you read a strange looking code.. and otherwise i' ll call in, about another 15 minutes."

Lyrics: "Roger.."

TRX couldn't help placing a little joke just before he hung up, saying: "Roger who?"

Lyrics wanted to react, but then then the connection faded, and heard a busy tone.

TRX arrived at his targeted hardline, looked around him, and set another target to walk to, really just random.

It started to cloud up a little, with a greenish tint, as he past another good looking lady.

She had brownish dark long hair, average bodyweight, a nice "front", wearing cool shades, dressed in a brown skirt, with a brown leather suede like jacket, and long knee boots.

He stopped to check her from behind, but when he did, she looked back over her shoulder to check him out also.

Then she turned her head forwards again, and walked on.

TRX looked around him, and nothing odd there to see, no decoy, looked back at the lady, and noticed that she dropped something on the floor. Purposefully.. it seems.
The she turned a corner behind a building.

Now a little more curious, but also more aware, for lurking danger, TRX started to slowly walk to spot where he had seen her dropping an item.

When he got close, he checked his surroundings again, and then crouched on one knee, to find a piece of candy, wrapped in red plastic.

He stood up, and examined it, put it in his pocket, still wrapped.

"this can't be" he whispered to himself.

Again he checked around him, looking for anything out of the ordinary, and again, but everything seemed safe.

He decided to follow the direction of the path, he suspected the lady went to when he got around the same corner.

He doubted to call in, but decided not to.

On pure feeling he looked around him, seeking some sort of trail just by his vision.

Scanning every building, every person, every crowd, and any logical place in the nearby area, with his eyes following any reason to walk to.

Then it was like the sounds he heard, muted, while he focused on an overpass, wich had stairs to the side.

He walked over there, examining his surroundings again, and decided to go up the stairs, on the overpass..
And when he just got to level with his eyes a few inches, above the sideway, he could see the lady, at the other side just walking down the stairs.

He tried to act as normal as he could, to walk over there with now a little more pace.

Walked down the stairs, walked over to the near parking lot, then checked again, and also checked his map on the PDA.

Turned out to be he now was near mara.

Walked over to the nearest subway, and called in.

Lyrics: "Operator here.."

TRX: "Question.. have you seen any thing abnormal, or out of the normal in the code you are reading?"

Lyrics: "Hmmnah not really"

TRX: "yes or no?"

Lyrics: "well i would' nt say odd or out of the ordinary, just .. you.. looking at the lady's.. Are you sure you have had enough attention by the lady's lately, other than.. me?"

TRX: "tyeah, very funny.. butuhmm.. i maybe on to something.. i 'll call ya back"

Lyrics: "Understood"

TRX: "Under..what?"

And again he hung up, before Lyrics could react.
Chuckled, and moved with a faster pace, to the pizzeria, to his left.

The place was nearly empty, except for the man working there and a few customers at some tables.

He walked over to the window where he could see the street side and the sidewalk side, where he could see the entrance of the subway, from the side. And waited.

After a minute or 2, he saw the lady again, crossing the street towards the subway, but she did'nt enter the subway, but stood still at the entrance instead.

Again all sound muted for TRX, as he zoomed in focusing on her face, as she was facing her head in his direction, although the windows were blinded from the outside. As if she just knew, he was there, watching her from behind the blinded window.

Now something really shivered down his spine, when she crouched like she was picking something up from the floor, but then he saw, a black cat, moving from behind a garbage can.

She then pet it, over it's little head, then over it's back, to it's tail, and then she stood up, walked past the entrance, walking into an alley, next to the Hardline... with the cat following her immediately.

He walked outside into the alley, to find himself, at the streets once again, and knew if he crossed the street diagonally, that road would lead him to Mara Central.

He stayed on the side walk, turning left from out the alley, but he could see the lady anywhere.
Then he past a door of an apartment building with a nook, at the door, when he heard a small bell.

When he turned to the sound on the left, a saw the black cat, with small golden bell, looking up at him, on the doorstep.

He looked around him. then turned to face the cat again, and while crouching to pet it, he said: "hey there kittycat.."

The cat purred, enjoying the attention it got, when TRX noticed the door was slightly opened.

Then he got an idea.

He put his fingertip, under the cats tiny chin, and while looking him in the eye, he asked it: "Where's mommy.. hmm?"

The cat purred with a tune in it, turned around, through the door, and TRX following him through the hallway, up two strairs, again in a corridor to finally a door.

The cat scratching the door, letting itself heard, he wanted in.

"Just a second honey.." he heard from the other side of the door.

He heard the lock of the door, but before it was opened, he heard the lady's voice say: "Do you want some tea with that candy.. TRX?"

TRX flabbergasted, replied: "If i say no, you must no why.."

Then he heard her say: "Coffee it is.."

And the door opened.

Meanwhile back at the blue distortion, Operator Lyrics, lost TRX his signal, when TRX walked through the door.

Lyrics: "Where'd he go?"

Chillz: "you lost his signal?"

Lyrics: "yeah.. he just disappeared into "thin air".. he said he had to check something, entered a building, short thereafter he dissappeared from the matrix."

Chillz: "Maybe it is just the communication bug again...let's wait it out a while and see after another 15 minutes, as he would call in after 15 again."

Lyrics: "Ok.. sounds good, but he if he doesn't, you're going to have to jack in, Chilly.."

Chillz: "Hey no problem, i rather be jacked in, than somebody calling me chilly.."

Lyrics: "Oh i'm sorry bursting your bubble, Chillypepper.."

They shared a laugh, not to worry about the comlink broken.

When TRX entered the door, the fine looking lady, smiled at him:
"I am glad you are still the aware type TRX.. It's dangerous for me out there.. but i knew you spot me.. and so worth the effort."

TRX frowned: "Excuse me for asking, but i have to be sure.. it is you.. what does TRX stand for?.. you are without question the only one who should know.."

Oracle: "Your full name is TyRanny Rex.. as in a dinosaur species.."

TRX: "For the love of Trinity.. it is really you.."

Oracle : "Yes.. but you are not here.. to be sure it is me.. you are here to understand what happend."

TRX : "Yes ma'am.."

Oracle: "As you can see.. its miss.."

TRX: "Well.. you're older than all of us.. but.. you definitely look ehmmm.. young"

Oracle: "You're sweet TRX.. you were going to say "fine" weren't you.."

TRX: "You know me too well Oracle"

Oracle: "I have been altered in my appearance.. once again.. and don't worry.. We are now outside the matrix.. in a construct. I.. we.. are safe here.."

TRX: "So.. please do say... what happend?"

Oracle: "What do you want me, to say to you, in what form of precise question, can you give it to me?"

TRX: "First of all, this massive "Kickout" has had it's severe consequences. Some things do not add up. Why this massive unplugging, and why did every ship get attacked, even the machine and mero ones?"

Oracle: "Because it wasn't a kickout.. but a reset of the matrix... to keep it running, without anyone in it.. alter it, and sustain it's potential where it was build for.. and to be used again after sometime.
As for the other org's ships, you are talking about, it doesn't matter to the machines, what kind of org, the main reason, is that they are all human redpills.. and where they do not need anyone, any human, for them to stay here, they will eventually want to kill them too.. simply because there is no need."

TRX: "So.. how come Sati, Seraph and you are here?"

Oracle: "For the same reason that you are here..too"

TRX : "We managed through hackers and workaround to get back, but Seraph said, he awoke the way is he now.."

Oracle: "Yes that's correct, but they are contained, during the reset, and so are the agents, all in certain areas, of construction.. untill.. a certain time"

TRX: "what do you mean certain time, at what time?"

Oracle: "i don't know.. that depends on the timer being set on a certain time, for them to walk free.. but that time is uncertain.. at some point the timer will run faster than other times.. and it's the same reason, you do not run into mach or mero orgs operatives, because they all are here in different time expansions, that could mean that you might have bumped into the other org's operatives or captain's, but can't see them yet, and they cant see you, untill all times and timer come together, synchronize, and all is reset, back to normal feed."

TRX: "i see. but how come than that you are not contained?"

Oracle: "I ve found a way, just one way, to be in the matrix, but so is the merovingian, the trainman, the architect, and some other old ones.. and that's why, it is dangerous for me out there, without any protection.. Without Seraph.. However the merovingian, and trainman, and some of the other old ones, are looking for me, but lost me, as you all did."

TRX: "Sati is very unhappy, and Seraph, is .. well.. very strong in his "containment" but not happy either.. what will we do.. what can i say to them?.. Is there an earlier solution to this timer thing?"

Oracle: "i know.. i wish it would'nt have to be so, and if there's a solution, there would also be a choice, but as far as i can see, there is none for now..there are more things, that will have to be solved, other choices to be made before there is a solution, but because it is not understood yet, what choices they are, than i can never see past them to see the solution to an earlier release of them.. and for all we know, this timer, is set on ten years.. and so this is the difficulty."

TRX: "Is there something i can say to them when i see them again? Or other Operatives do, and we can give a message to them?"

Oracle: "I'm afraid it can upset them.. But get the word out, i am still here and safe, in the wide sense of the word."

TRX: " i will do so.. Is there something we can do, in Zion for you?"

Oracle: "I'm afraid, i can't tell you otherwise, than to have as less contact with me, and tell them"

TRX: "Why?"

Oracle: "Because this door you just entered, in this apartment construct, is the only door, for me to escape or to enter through, it is not connected to the white hallways."

TRX: "I see...."

TRX: "Can i stay here with you.. a little while longer?"

Oracle: "If you insist, you know you are welcome here TRX, but the hero Operative on board your vessel, is about to jack in, because you did not call in after 15 minutes, and they have lost your signal in the matrix."

TRX: "yes of course.. i better be home soon.."

Oracle: "yes.."

TRX: "just one question for me personally.. if you do not mind.."

Oracle: "Ask me honey.."

TRX: "Will i find the other half of my source.. my cure, against the hard life? You know what i mean.."

Oracle: "I know what you mean.. but it is not in your hands.. but in the hands of the other.. it is her choice.. in the end.. because, you already made the choice.. She did'nt.. She does not know."

TRX: " I see.. thank you.."

Oracle : "you're welcome Rex.. and before you go...."

TRX: "yes?...

Oracle: "Have a cookie.."

TRX: "Hahah i will not decline, such a delicious cookie.."

Oracle: "here.. and off you go.. do not let them worry.."

TRX: "thank you.. and by the time i ate it.."

Oracle: "you will feel better, and know what to do."

Eating away his cookie, while the door was gently shut behind him, TRX walked out on the street, totally forgetting about his promise to call in.. and by the time he ate the cookie, he saw the closest hardline in the distance, to jack out, and before he wanted to do so, Chillz Jacked in the matrix, and spawned before his eyes..

Chillz: "ehm.. T.. you.."

TRX: "yeah.. Hop back to the Hovercraft, and tell ya all about it."

And so they jacked out, in what seemed, a peaceful matrix.. for now..

Skiddz picked up the handset that was ringing on the shoddy old nightstand. He lifted the receiver to his ear, but before it got there, a gunshot rang out and he was shot dead where he stood.

Aboard the Hovercraft HardBoiled, Marks stared at the operator panel in disbeleif. "SKIDDZ!" Marks screamed until no air was left in his lungs. Skiddz's vital signs were flatlining on the ship.

Suddenly, the handsome, and chisled, captian of the Hovercraft HardBoiled appeared behind the operator. "Theirs' nothing more we can do, we must go, and see Commander Roland.

"But he was supposed to go to see the Oracle!"

"We don't even know, if she's alive."

"Searph told Skiddz that she was!"

"Maybe it was mistake." Captain Overblow set his jaw and threw a fierce glance at Marks. "Maybe it doesn't matter. This is my ship, we must see the commander."

"But the Agents have the disk that Skiddz was transporting!"

"It's to late, I'm very powerful, but there are too many of them. If there was two or three, I could take each one out quickly. As it is, five is too many. I'm not Neo, even though I am close."


"Watch your tone, operator, and get up front, and set us a coarse for New Zion. now."

Overblow removed the jack from his dead crew, member. "Rest in piece, Skiddz."

They headed to New Zion, with all the speed, they could muster.

**short note>> (TRX thanks Overbl0w, for participating in the story.. Nice add Wink )**

After TRX told every onboard what happend, they set coarse for the surface. This as a side mission, not to wander the surface, but to have a quick peak, that could give answers to other questions.

On the way just 5 km before reaching the surface, emergency band cracked, static and distorted transmissions:
"This i... Zio....Tyn... plea...respo..."

TRX: "Lyrics.. can you get a more clear signal?"

Lyrics: "I am trying my best sir.. but electromagnetic fields are interfering with the radio frequencies."

TRX: "Any other way we can pick up it any stronger.."

Lyrics: "There is, and how ironic it may sound, from within the matrix, that is more stable, than this signal.."

TRX: "Chillz.. are up for it?"

Chillz: "Yes Sir!"

TRX: "Operator, hook m up"

Lyrics: "Roger that.."

TRX: "Double time!"

While TRX stayed in the cockpit, Lyrics and Chillz hurried to the broadcast deck.

TRX: "I found a nice spot.. you're clear for broadcast.."

Lyrics: "Ok Chillz.. before i connect you.. favorite loadout.. and Hardline?"

Chillz: "Kungfu.. with just a nice handgun.. Tabor West Hardline please"

Lyrics set the configuration, plugged him to the feed, and pressed the "Jack in" button.

Chillz adjusting to visual, while running out the hardline, hardly visible yet.. towards the street. When he got there he was 100% synced with his surroundings, flipped his cellure, he got out of his inside pocket, and called Tyndall..

After three tones Tyndall picked up the call.

Tyndall: "Tyndall Zioncontrol.."

Chillz: "Officer.. this is Operative Chillz, currently working for Capt. TRX of the hovercraft blue distortion.. we picked up a distress signal, but were unable to get the message properly. Please repeat the message to me."

Tyndall: "Hold on.... yes.. Confirmed.. We have word from the "HardBoiled".. has a casualty.. It is thei're respective Operative Skiddz.. he has been killed... during an Op.. to meet the Oracle also..."

Chillz: "What?.. Skiddz? Noooo!.. I have done several missions with him.. he was a good man.. please give me a few minutes.. and call me back.."

Tyndall: "No problem.. i'll call you back in 4 minutes."

Chillz: "Understood.."

And broke connection to the Zioncontrol Officer.
Crossed the street, went through a few alleyways, and deserted bar. It went out of business for years, no one really knew you could enter it anyway. An abandoned bar, guitar set, and microfoon, and some rubbish on the floor.
Although CHillz was an experienced, well trained, excellent Operative, these deaths of other Operatives, seemed to get harder to cope with everytime it happend.
He sat down, at a table, and covered his face with his hands, his elbows on the table in front of him.

Just as he stood up, trying to get a grip of reality, and tasks at hand, his phone rang.

Chillz: "Chillz here.."

Tyndall: "This is Zioncontrol, officer Tyndall.. the 4 minutes have past.. Are you ok? Operative?"

Chillz: "Yes ma'am.. had to recover a minute from this bad news Officer.. excuse me"

Tyndall: "That's allright.. Chillz.. you ready for the next message?"

Chillz: "shoot.."

Tyndall: "As far as we understood the message from the Captain, Operative Skiddz was shut through the head, by an Agent, whom was backed by 3 to four other Agents. The reason for this unfortunate event, seems to be, that Skiddz was also on discovery, of the Oracle, but besides he was going to meet her, apparently was transporting a disk, with vital information."

Chillz: "i presume the agents have it?"

Tyndall: "correct."

Chillz: "What kind of information?"

Tyndall: "Untill they are back home, and have discussed this with Commander Roland, i am restricted to talk about it.. but.. what i can say is.. that this is very.. sensitive information. Unable to confront the agents, they had to immediately return home, to debrief, and sort this out with Roland and the council."

Chillz: "Understood... What can we do?"

Tyndall: "Give the following message to TRX, wich is: "You're sidemission to scrape the surface, must be in half the time, than it was decided, and you are then, ought to return home, immediately, plus, it is untill this time forbidden to enter the matrix, before returning home, and that's an order."

Chillz: "He aint gonna like it.."

Tyndall: "I know.. but it these arent my orders.. did you copy that?"

Chillz: "Roger.. copied.. Chillz out"

Tyndall: "Give TRX my best greets.. Tyndall out"

Chillz: "hypersprinting towards the nearest exit, he glanced to the right, and saw an agent, getting ready to aim his handgun, at him. Chillz ziggzagged at a terminal velocity hyperspeed, to the hardline, picked up the reciever, looked behind him, seeing the agent closing the distance to give it another shot, aimed, emptied his gun, and hit nothing but air, except for one bullet, hitting Chillz in the shoulder area, before he was exited, and awoke in the interfacechair.. with a stinging pain.

"Not allowed to jack in while we head for home?" Said TRX with a surprised but serious look on his face.

Chillz: "Tyeah.. Now don't kill me, i am just the messenger"

TRX: "It's not that i don't want to obey an order, but hey, if i think it is really needed to jack in, after we have seen the surface, and are heading for home, i will not ignore my own instincts on this one."

Operator Lyrics, busy with calculations while piloting the hovercraft, said: "Speaking about the surface Captain, we should reach it, in a few minutes, all seems safe up 'till now."

TRX: "Thank you Operator.."
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