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Pandora's Boxes
01-20-2010, 04:44 PM (This post was last modified: 01-24-2010 02:16 PM by The Boxmaker.)
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Pandora's Boxes
Pandora’s Box Arcs 1 -4

List of Characters, Collectors, etc. (In order of mention or appearance)
1. The Archaeologist – A collector in the Historic District that specializes in artifacts from past versions of the Matrix.
2. Dr. Fasset – A collector in the Hampton Green Hotel Hideout who is a researcher of things from past versions of the Matrix. His research has revealed things that have driven him mad and as a result he seeks escape from the Matrix via the Trainman.
3. Dr. Burma Huang – A researcher friend of Fasset’s that we meet in the mission Fasset’s Research in Tokyo Row.
4. Mr. Pillsworth – Collector in the White Lotus Hotel lobby
5. Rolly Quay – Mr. Pillsworth’s friend who will further examine the scalpel. He has an artifact of his own…
6. Dr. Voss - Kalt Chemical’s Scientist/ Researcher who later goes by another name.
7. Acotikus – Box 1 doctor
8. Albucasis – Box 1 doctor
9. Alhad-aulsur – Box 1 doctor
10. Ambroise Por – Box 1 doctor
11. Athaneius – Box 1 doctor
12. Balsogorr – Box 1 doctor
13. Caedo – Box 1 doctor
14. Chrystiom – Box 1 doctor
15. Cirusan – Box 1 doctor
16. Cutlectivus – Box 1 doctor
17. Damasean – Box 1 doctor
18. Dendicayo – Box 1 doctor
19. Dr. Extracia – Box 1 doctor
20. Dr. Naforious – Box 1 doctor
21. Elhazuria – Box 1 doctor
22. Fengricia – Box 1 doctor
23. Grindellia – Box 1 doctor
24. Hellucian – Box 1 doctor
25. Intalicain – Box 1 doctor
26. Isedour – Box 1 doctor
27. Kainyss – Box 1 doctor
28. Lasieux – Box 1 doctor
29. Malaltok – Box 1 doctor
30. Nakithica – Box 1 doctor
31. Parsellius – Box 1 doctor
32. Persecolv – Box 1 doctor
33. Regtorius – Box 1 doctor
34. Syndinm – Box 1 doctor
35. Valsolis – Box 1 doctor
36. Xandellio – Box 1 doctor
37. Loripor – Collector in Mara
38. Argon - Kedemoth mission contact appears in the Qualifying Round mission.
39. Doc Slade - Argon’s bodyguard
40. Gat Boy - Argon’s bodyguard
41. Grey Malkin - Argon’s bodyguard
42. Ms. Boots - Argon’s bodyguard
43. Pixie Licious - Argon’s bodyguard
44. Stella X - Argon’s bodyguard
45. Daniel Cates – Collector on Metacortex roof in Morrell
46. Kalt - Exile and founder of Kalt Chemicals
47. Blanche - Mentioned in E-mail to Dr. Voss
48. Bagua Zhang – Box 2 Tiger
49. Baishe – Box 2 Tiger
50. Baxian Gun – Box 2 Tiger
51. Da Quiang – Box 2 Tiger
52. Dahong Quan – Box 2 Tiger
53. Fenghuo – Box 2 Tiger
54. Fenshou – Box 2 Tiger
55. Ji – Box 2 Tiger
56. Ko – Box 2 Tiger
57. Meihua – Box 2 Tiger
58. Sho – Box 2 Tiger
59. Shuang Jian – Box 2 Tiger
60. Tanglang Quan – Box 2 Tiger
61. Wuhu Biangan – Box 2 Tiger
62. Yangshou – Box 2 Tiger
63. Yaunhou – Box 2 Tiger
64. Yinshou – Box 2 Tiger
65. Yunyang – Box 2 Tiger
66. Clef - Magog
67. Officer Taylor - Park East collector
68. Dame White – Exile and Spectrum family mother found in Shinjuku
69. Ebony - Dame White’s bodyguard
70. Onyx - Dame White’s bodyguard
71. Fechamento - Dame White’s friend located in Creston Heights
72. Col. Walker – Box 3 Commando
73. Lt. Allen – Box 3 Commando
74. Lt. Anderson – Box 3 Commando
75. Lt. Cooper – Box 3 Commando
76. Lt. Edwards – Box 3 Commando
77. Lt. Garcia – Box 3 Commando
78. Lt. Hill – Box 3 Commando
79. Lt. King – Box 3 Commando
80. Lt. Morris – Box 3 Commando
81. Lt. Murphy – Box 3 Commando
82. Lt. Roberts – Box 3 Commando
83. Lt. Robinson – Box 3 Commando
84. Lt. Ross – Box 3 Commando
85. Lt. Sanchez – Box 3 Commando
86. Lt. Thompson – Box 3 Commando
87. Lt. Wood – Box 3 Commando
88. Lt. Wright – Box 3 Commando
89. Lt. Young – Box 3 Commando
90. Lt. Col. Browning – Box 3 Commando
91. Lt. Col. Clark – Box 3 Commando
92. Pvt. Wright – Commando (mention only)
93. Kirjath Arba - Creston Heights hideout collector
94. Flood – The Merovingian’s lieutenant found in Richland
95. Caleb Vitus – Collector found in Club Cyclo, Morrell
96. Gur Baal - Mentioned by Caleb Vitus, he is the Antediluvian’s lackey
97. Lo Ruhamah - Rogers Way Abandoned Subway collector
98. Wrightby – collector in Morrell
99. Merovingian – Exile and underworld lord
100. Afriel – Box 4 angel
101. Akatriel – Box 4 angel
102. Akriel – Box 4 angel
103. Ambriel – Box 4 angel
104. Anauel – Box 4 angel
105. Arad – Box 4 angel
106. Armatt – Box 4 angel
107. Baglis – Box 4 angel
108. Balthial – Box 4 angel
109. Barakiel – Box 4 angel
110. Barbelo – Box 4 angel
111. Cathetel – Box 4 angel
112. Colopatiron – Box 4 angel
113. Ecanus – Box 4 angel
114. Hahatah – Box 4 angel
115. Harahel – Box 4 angel
116. Hariel – Box 4 angel
117. Israfel – Box 4 angel
118. Jehiel – Box 4 angel
119. Liwet – Box 4 angel
120. Manakel – Box 4 angel
121. Mupiel – Box 4 angel
122. Orifiel – Box 4 angel
123. Radueriel – Box 4 angel
124. Rhamiel – Box 4 angel
125. Samandiriel – Box 4 angel
126. Sandalphon – Box 4 angel
127. Shekinah – Box 4 angel
128. Shemael – Box 4 angel
129. Shemiaphas – Box 4 angel
130. Trsiel – Box 4 angel
131. Uretil – Box 4 angel
132. Uriel – Box 4 angel
133. Zuphlas – Box 4 angel

Arc 1
Fasset’s Research
A Most Unusual Metal
Arc 2
Qualifying Round
Walking Papers
Arc 3
A Key For Ever Lock
Pure as the Driven Snow
The Final Showdown
Arc 4
Après Moi, Le Déluge (After Me, the Flood)
Pursuit Mode
Trial By Fire

List of Items (In order of mention or appearance)
1. Research Notes – The notes lead you to an unnamed person in the International District. It initiates a mission in Akasaka entitled Fasset’s Research.
2. Scalpel
3. Postcard – A postcard from an unspecified sender asking to examine an artifact in exchange for his knowledge on the subject. He can be contacted at the “hotel”. There is a photo of the Sanbai Sculpture that is in front of the White Lotus Hotel in Shinjuku. It can be traded to Mr. Pillsworth, the writer/sender for $i150,000.
4. Mr. P’s Card – Starts a mission in Downtown Park East.
5. Crucible of Affliction – The first box.
6. Nafarious’ Research Notes
7. Medical Record on Patient 75331
8. Notice of Termination
9. Blood Spattered Notes
10. Bloody Surgical Mask
11. Tissue Sample
12. Doctor’s Gloves
13. Surgeon’s Gloves
14. Torturer’s Gloves
15. Origami Paper – It has a note and an address on it to meet its writer in International. It spawns a mission.
16. Surgical Mask – Save point
17. Encrypted Keyfob – Trading token for Daniel Cates
18. Silver Badge – Gang token carried by the White Security in Park East Downtown
19. Gold Badge – Gang token carried by the Corporate Security in Stratford Campus and Industry Square in Downtown
20. Eagle Pin – Gang token carried by the Neighborhood Watchers in Creston Heights Downtown
21. Kalt Lobby Pass – Mission token
22. Location Notes Document – Kalt gives you this item
23. Tiger Cloth
24. Mysterious Headband
25. Calligraphy Brush
26. Earth Scroll
27. Fire Scroll
28. Void Scroll
29. Water Scroll
30. Wind Scroll
31. Tiger Acolyte’s Gi/Coat
32. Tiger Warrior’s Gi/Goat
33. Tiger Master’s Gi/Coat
34. Clef’s Business Card
35. Special Silver Badge
36. White Cell Phone
37. Intricate Key
38. GPS Locator
39. Utility Belt
40. Message to Survivors
41. Operations Report
42. Preemptive Strike Order
43. RE: New Agent Prototypes
44. Squad Leader Insignia
45. Uninspected Goggles
46. Sharpshooter Shirt
47. Sniper Shirt
48. Squad Leader’s Shirt
49. Mobile Tracker
50. Goggles
51. Merovingian’s Chit – A token of the Merovingian’s favor. It has the power to open paths in the City.
52. Caleb’s Note
53. Antediluvian’s Countersign
54. Brightflash Auto – A gun carried by a collector in
55. Hoar Key
56. Ark of Armageddon
57. Record of Betrayal
58. Record of Fate
59. Record of Judgment
60. Record of Pact
61. Record of Paradise
62. Record of Purpose
63. Record of Revenge
64. Golden Feather
65. Prison Mastery Device
66. Seraphic Feather
67. Seraphic Wing
68. Heavenly Footwear
69. Angelic Shoes
70. Seraphim Shoes

Arc 1 Summary
The Archaeologist is a researcher of exotic objects, particularly from past versions of the Matrix. He mentions that a fellow, invaluable researcher, Dr. Fasset, has gone missing and mentions his last known destination; the Hampton Green Hotel. He tells you that if we can find Dr. Fasset that we may be able to acquire some artifacts for our trouble.

When we talk with Dr. Fasset, we immediately learn that he is paranoid. Fasset is running from some of the things he has learned from his research. He decides that if you are to meddle in his research, he might as well make money off of you to buy his way out of the Matrix via the Trainman. He sells a piece of his research to you and tells you to leave him alone.

Using the Research Notes in Akasaka triggers a mission; Fasset’s Research. You find Dr. Burma Huang, a scientist and friend of Fasset, in her home in the Tokyo Row Apartments. She tells you that Bishop Imports has an artifact in their possession. She sends you to Bishop Imports’ headquarters in Uneo. There, you are instructed to find an artifact which happens to be a Scalpel. You also get a Postcard written by an unknown sender asking to examine an artifact in exchange for information on it.

The postcard leads you to the White Lotus Hotel in Shinjuku where we meet the writer of the postcard; Mr. Pillsworth. He examines your Scalpel and tells you that it is similar to an artifact that his friend is holding Downtown. We trade him the Scalpel for another Scalpel and Mr. P’s Card that has his friend’s address on it. You can also present him with his postcard to Mr. Bishop which he will gladly buy from you.

When you activate Mr. P’s Card the mission, A Most Unusual Metal, will lead you to Park East Downtown and to Rolly Quay, a researcher friend of Mr. Pillsworth. Quay has been ambushed by Kalt guards who have stolen his artifact. When you take them out, Quay will tell you that Dr. Voss has his artifact before he dies. When you eliminate Voss’ guards, he is rather cooperative. He uploads the artifact’s image code to our operator. He mentions Rolly Quay’s theory about bringing the correct combination of boxes together in the correct location would activate them. Our operator suspects Voss’ cooperation may be a setup… Upon leaving, our operator downloads the Crucible of Affliction to our inventory.

The box reveals doctors from a previous version of the Matrix who have performed tormenting tests on humans. When they and their research are no longer needed, they flee to the Matrix via the Merovingian in order to continue their research. We learn that the Merovingian imprisoned them in his Blackwood prison upon their arrival in the Matrix.
_ _ _ _

Arc 2 Summary
Visiting the Mara collector, Loripor, begins the quest for the next box. You can trade your Scalpel and the Bloody Surgical Mask for the Origami Paper and a Surgical Mask. Loripor tells you that she was instructed to provide you with the Origami Paper and to read the note on it. It tells that there is more to this grand scheme than just the doctors and to go to the International address to learn more.

Activating the Origami Paper leads you to Shinjuku and a mission called Qualifying Round. You meet several exile bodyguards and talk to Argon, the Kedemoth mission contact and Element family member. Argon tests you by instructing you to take his gang down in order for him to trust you with his information. He tells you that Kalt was behind the doctors in the box and to learn more we ought to visit a man that is “high up” in the organization Neo worked in as a coppertop; Metacortex. He gives us an Encrypted Keyfob to show the contact.

Jumping onto the Metacortex building roof you meet Daniel Cates. Along with the Encrypted Keyfob, he requires a Silver Star, Gold Badge and an Eagle Pin. You give him the Encrypted Keyfob and the 3 gang tokens in exchange for an Encrypted Keyfob and a Kalt Lobby Pass. He tells you that Dr. Voss is not a mere researcher and that he has an agenda of his own; the hostile doctors popping out of the box was not an accident. He sends us to Kalt Headquarters in Kedemoth, Argon’s turf, to learn more. His Kalt Lobby Pass should “get us through the door”.

Activating the Kalt Lobby Pass spawns a mission, Walking Papers, in the Kalt building in Kedemoth to learn what Dr. Voss has been up to. We search 3 computers and a wall safe for information on Dr. Voss. The computers and safe come up with nothing. Kalt orders her security to stand down and tells you that she had found Dr. Voss researching an unauthorized project using her facility and hasn’t shown for work recently. She provides us with a Location Notes Document of his last known address and a message to fire Voss for her. We search his apartment and listen to 3 of his phone messages. One call is from a Kalt employee looking for Dr. Voss. The second message is from an unnamed caller telling Voss that “drops have been successful” and “there have been ten downloads in the last 48 hours”. The third message is also from an unnamed caller telling Voss “Things are heating up”, “he’s worried” and “looking good so far”. Searching his computer reveals an e-mail from cube619 to apresmoi4321 with the subject “rendezvous”: “Sorry I had to cancel on the meeting last night at Cyclo (Morrell club). Blanche may have picked up on something. You busy with drops tonight?” Further searching of his apartments reveals another box; Thurible of Meditation.

The box reveals monk-like warriors of Chinese culture called the Eighteen Tigers that may have been early Agents of a past Matrix. They imply that they were learned from and discarded, how they were programmed to fight and that there is weakness in the simulation. By reading the scrolls, you learn that they paid the Merovingian to enter the Matrix but he imprisoned them for fearing their power. The machines must have tried to destroy them at some point because they boast killing 3 of “their” Agents.
_ _ _ _

Arc 3 Summary
Re-visiting Fasset in the Hampton Green Hotel Exile Hideout is the first step in acquiring the third box. When you present the Mysterious Headband to him, he sends you to see a woman named Clef and provides you with her business card.

Activating Clef’s Business Card in Richland launches a mission named A Key For Every Lock where you meet Clef. She tells that Fasset is in over his head. She used to work for the Keymaker and tells of his brother, the Boxmaker and how they were engineered by the machines as masters of encryption and access. She tells you that the Keymaker planted a key in a vault and to proceed you will need it. When we go to the location the vault is empty. When we go back to see Clef, she is dead. We find a Special Silver Badge on her corpse.

When you take it to Officer Taylor, the Park East collector, he offers you an even trade of a White Cell Phone for the Special Silver Badge. The White Cell Phone contacts Dame White.

Activating the White Cell Phone in International brings you to Shinjuku and Dame White in a mission called Pure As The Driven Snow. She tells that she was Persephone’s predecessor and even dates Flood’s tenure as the Merovingian’s controller. She explains that the Antediluvian was Flood’s predecessor as the Merovingian’s lieutenant and that he and Dr. Voss are one in the same. She goes on to tell that she obtained the Keymaker’s key that Clef sent us after in order to keep it out of the Antediluvian’s hands. She gives us the Intricate Key and suggests that we talk to her friend near the Landlord in Creston Heights to learn about the key.

Fechamento is Dame White’s friend and he is located in Creston Heights’ Tarah Construction site. Presenting him with the Intricate Key, he will offer you a GPS Locator that has the Antediluvian’s location programmed into it.

Activating the GPS Locator will launch a mission called The Final Showdown where you are to destroy the Antediluvian. We kill his simulacrum and find that he is not there, but we find another box; the Vessel of Suffering. It has an inscription: Bella Sub Rosa.

The box contains military type programs that were once Agents of the Matrix. They have seen the new model Agents and are planning to flee to the Matrix to hide rather than face deletion. One report shows that in order to stop an extraction, excessive force was used and coppertops were killed; probably why they were facing replacements. Another document suggests their retaliation was aimed at the Machines rather than the new Agents in order to prevent the new Agents’ completion.
_ _ _ _

Arc 4 Summary
The hideout under the Creston Heights Museum contains Kirjath Arba, a collector who will initiate your quest for the next box. Giving her the Uninspected Goggles, Headband and Intricate Key, she will give you a Mobile Tracker and a set of Goggles. The Mobile Tracker beeps when pointed in the correct direction in Richland and initiates a mission called Apres Moi, Le Deluge.

We meet Flood and he tells us that the Antediluvian seeks to kill him and the Merovingian. He tells that the programs that are released from the boxes are from the Merovingian’s prison construct, Blackwood. He predicts that the Antediluvian is working with someone else who seeks to destabilize the Matrix and has the power to summon the programs. He gives you the Merovingian’s “Chit”. Our operator reminds us that we had found an e-mail on Dr. Voss computer (Walking Papers mission, arc 2) regarding a meeting. This clue leads us to Club Cyclo in Downtown Morrell.

In Cyclo, we find a collector named Caleb Vitus who recalls seeing the Antediluvian, aka Dr. Voss, and knows that he met with a guy named Gur Baal. He offers his address in exchange for the Merovingian’s Chit. He writes the address on a bar napkin that we call Caleb’s Note.

Caleb’s Note leads us to the International district, Kowloon to be more specific. It launches a mission called Pursuit Mode. We are attacked by Antediluvian Simulacrum and find a computer. Through the computer, our operator traces another user that is logged onto that same network. This leads us to another location where Gur Baal is heavily guarded by more of the Antediluvian’s Simulacrum. After destroying all the guards, Gur Baal mentions planting all those boxes for the Antediluvian. He goes on to say that he does not know where the Antediluvian is, but has mentioned a subway where no trains run. He offers us the Antediluvian’s Countersign in exchange for his release. Offering it to one of the Antediluvian’s people will further our search.

The clue leads us to the Rogers Way Abandoned Subway where we find Lo Ruhamah. Presenting her with the Antediluvian’s Countersign is not enough. She requires a Brightflash Auto gun, rewarded by a collector, Wrightby, in Downtown Morrell. Wrightby requires 20 Red Bandanas which can be looted from gang members in the area in exchange for the Brightflash Auto. Once you obtain it, trading it and the Antediluvian’s Countersign to Lo Ruhamah will earn you the Hoar Key which unlocks the Antediluvian’s hideout in Downtown.

Using the Hoar Key will launch a mission called Trial By Fire in which you must destroy more of the Antediluvian’s Simulacrum and the Antediluvian himself. He tells how Flood is an opportunist and the Boxmaker will purge the Merovingian from the System. After he is destroyed, we loot another box code from him and upload it. Once completed, you are invited to Club Hel in Hampton Green to meet the Merovingian so he can tell all about the Boxmaker. He explains that the Boxmaker blamed him for the Keymaker’s death at the hands of the Machines. The Boxmaker destabilizes the Matrix by transporting programs out of the Merovingian’s prisons and into the Matrix where they wreak havoc. Flood thought he had the Antediluvian killed but had not. Upon completing the mission, our operator downloads the box to your inventory: the Ark of Armageddon.

The box contains programs that were former agents of the Matrix, angelic versions of current Agents who loved and protected humans. The records they carry tell stories of how they were betrayed by their makers and held accountable for humans’ inherent flaws of self-destruction. How their only command, to love the humans, has damned them in the end. How they blame the humans and their greed for their downfall. That the pact between humans and machines placed humans in machines’ care in exchange for a perfect world. How the sun shown beautiful colors over the Elysian shore of the land and how the machines now cared for humans. The Angels love humans so much that they ensure they will not stray from the perfect system. And how the Angels will free humans by their sword and thereby killing the machines.

Reason for Revision: Completion.

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01-20-2010, 06:01 PM
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RE: Pandora's Boxes

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01-20-2010, 10:01 PM
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RE: Pandora's Boxes
Man, does this ever bring back great memories. Very, very fun suite of mishes. There were at least a dozen Chinese guys, and a dozen or more winged agents; not sure why you singled out the ones you have here. Great stuff to be thinking about.
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01-24-2010, 02:17 PM
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RE: Pandora's Boxes
(01-20-2010 10:01 PM)Prospero Wrote:  There were at least a dozen Chinese guys, and a dozen or more winged agents; not sure why you singled out the ones you have here.


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01-24-2010, 11:03 PM
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RE: Pandora's Boxes
(01-24-2010 02:17 PM)The Boxmaker Wrote:  
(01-20-2010 10:01 PM)Prospero Wrote:  There were at least a dozen Chinese guys, and a dozen or more winged agents; not sure why you singled out the ones you have here.


j/k! j/k! What was it about the boxes epic that first caught your pasion?
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01-26-2010, 09:49 PM (This post was last modified: 01-26-2010 09:50 PM by Chainer.)
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RE: Pandora's Boxes

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01-29-2010, 03:43 AM
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RE: Pandora's Boxes
If people want them all in screenshot form, that can be arranged ;-)

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01-29-2010, 04:17 AM (This post was last modified: 01-29-2010 04:18 AM by Vesuveus.)
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RE: Pandora's Boxes
I've got those, too. Click on The Filing Cabinet in my sig and scroll to bottom.

Plus Rumbaar has lots if good info in text format.

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01-29-2010, 11:02 PM
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RE: Pandora's Boxes
I also made screenshots. I knew Cloudwolf and Vesuveus were making their own, but I wanted to back them up just in case.
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02-05-2010, 04:49 AM
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RE: Pandora's Boxes
You can never have too many screenshots =P

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