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RE: The Lights are still on and Development Continues...
02-06-2010, 07:33 PM, (This post was last modified: 02-06-2010, 07:37 PM by EmeraldSkye.)
RE: The Lights are still on and Development Continues...
(02-05-2010, 09:52 AM)Vesuveus Wrote: Yeah, they claimed to have done everything already but never wore a Headgear or Svanhild Plumage and such.
Oh, cool. Then I at least had the posers beat. When I got my first pair of Headless Glasses, I was elated...then I did a bad muling thing and emailed the glasses to my red-themed Machines Redpill (RubyEidolon), just because they matched Ruby's outfit better. You can see those Headless Glasses on Ruby's face in those goofy webcomic-like strips I made up and posted here a few months back. Cool

And I remember when I got my first (and only) pair of Commando Boots from the White Corridors. You could have knocked me over with a pencil. And yet I still made Emerald wear her Black Kunoichi Tabi, just because their Jump bonus was insane and she could clear those Oriental walls in International with a regular non-Hyper-anything running somersault, just from wearing those ninja shoes. Big Grin

I wanted to collect the entire Level 50 Black Kunoichi set and the entire Commando set after that, but before I could get around to that the staff bumped us up to Level 69 and put an end to that ambition. Alas. Sad

(02-05-2010, 06:31 PM)MajTom Wrote: I never got to finish the local contact missions
I never got to finish all of the local contact missions (including Mercury, just to see what special prize he awarded at the end of his arc), the archived faction missions...I never got to beat up Tengu's ugly butt in the Yuki construct...never got to complete my Black Kunoichi and Commando outfits, of course...never earned my own earpiece or any gear from that one Valkyrie-looking woman Downtown...never got any auras or war swords from turning in Mission Archive tokens...never got into the Zion Outpost...never got to kill a Complete Corrupted (or whatever the huge things that could only be killed with insecticide were)...never got to capture all of the RSI Captures for all of the gang bosses out there....

Damn. I really missed out on a lot, didn't I? Sad

At least I did manage to find Yttri and finish all of her missions. I also got to do that one Red-Eyed Agent mission where two Agents posse up with you. I led them all over Westview and got them to kill a buttload of ASP goons for me, just because ASP goons were still a bit tough for me at the time. That was fun. Big Grin
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04-20-2011, 07:33 PM,
RE: RE: The Lights are still on and Development Continues...
Development should be go on there. I like to read such informative post. The Matrix Trilogy is very interesting and funny, true entertainment.

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