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Thsale lol
01-02-2010, 06:46 AM,
Thsale lol
Lol so my girl is like why you in wow and l4d2 at same time? I said i wasnt so login noticed im under the world and farming saronite. >.> some how i got hacked. But no big deal i didnt lose anything and actually gained about 30 stacks of 20 of saronite. Heres a chat log with thsale asken them about it.

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You are now chatting with 'Alberta'

Alberta: Hello, nice to meet you! Happy New Year! How may I help you today?


Alberta: hi

Alberta: ok

BURCS: So you hacked my account and i caught you within 5 mins of you doing it.

Alberta: Please wait for me a little while, let me check for you.I will be with you in just a moment.. Thanks for waiting.

BURCS: go check what on returning my stuff? lol

Alberta: ok

Alberta: yeah

BURCS: lol

BURCS: well chop chop

BURCS: and why your at it

BURCS: how about returning my news paper to

Alberta: a min,pls

Alberta: a min,pls

BURCS: because i dont know what the hell is going on in the world as i have no freaken newspaper

BURCS: you bring my stuff back and roll up my news paper and meet me outside your hq

Alberta: oh

BURCS: you got my stuff

BURCS: and my paper

BURCS: you better

Alberta: what news paper?

BURCS: my news paper

BURCS: the one you take every morning

Alberta: pardon?

BURCS: from my door step

BURCS: yeah

BURCS: my paper

Alberta: nope

BURCS: kinda like the items you stole from my account

Alberta: oh

Alberta: nope

BURCS: my items

BURCS: give me my paper

BURCS: outside

BURCS: 5 mins

BURCS: or im put on my robe of "kick your ass"

Alberta: ...

BURCS: yeah gimmia my ... back to

BURCS: why would you do such a thing

BURCS: steal my items

BURCS: and my paper

BURCS: i pay for the damn thing

BURCS: you steal my items and paper

Alberta: no info here sorry

BURCS: oh loads info

BURCS: but i guess it was far trade in the end

BURCS: you got my paper and items

BURCS: i got a years full paid subsription from you

BURCS: woot woot

Alberta: may i know your order number?

BURCS: i dont know what my order number is

BURCS: it was on my damn newspaper

BURCS: id love to tell you it but you took my damn news paper to

BURCS: so 5 mins

BURCS: or im coming in

BURCS: take my paper back

BURCS: and my items

Alberta: sorry

BURCS: 5 mins!

BURCS: my paper

BURCS: back outside

BURCS: or im wear that robe of kick your ass

Alberta: i didn't play game so i don't know what parper do you mean


BURCS: i dont know what the hell is going on in world of warcraft now because you stole my paper

BURCS: my paper

BURCS: not your paper

BURCS: my paper

Alberta: ok

Alberta: which game are you playing?/

BURCS: oh and thanks for the 700 gold lol

BURCS: and all the saronite you farmed

BURCS: lol

BURCS: so can i have my items and news paper back

Alberta: oh

Alberta: i'd like to help but i don't6 know how to do it

BURCS: easy

BURCS: be outside in 5 mins with my paper

BURCS: and my items

BURCS: and wear somethen sexy

Alberta: what?;

BURCS: also

BURCS: i would love to take you to dinner after all this to

BURCS: by you a steak

BURCS: and we can read my news paper together

Alberta: ...

BURCS: help me catch up on news in the world of azeroth

Alberta: oh

BURCS: so how bout it

BURCS: you gimmie my items back

BURCS: and my news paper

Alberta: i don't know how to do
01-02-2010, 07:42 AM,
RE: Thsale lol
oh cool, you should get a twitter or something too. i'd love to have periodic updates about your life.
[Image: 30nhcgn.png]
01-02-2010, 07:47 AM,
RE: Thsale lol
[Image: 343kkjp.png]
01-02-2010, 08:41 AM, (This post was last modified: 01-02-2010, 08:47 AM by JazznJos.)
RE: Thsale lol
(01-02-2010, 07:42 AM)Bayamos Wrote: oh cool, you should get a twitter or something too. i'd love to have periodic updates about your life.

im glad you think so..

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