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MxO Version Update- Chat & Players
12-04-2009, 11:12 PM, (This post was last modified: 12-14-2009, 10:50 AM by Valaro.)
MxO Version Update- Chat & Players
Estimated release date:
December '09

Server-side info:
Codename: "Scatman"
Codename cames from the know singer Scatman John, author of "Scatman(ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop)" among other songs. It's a little tribute and if you are not ok with that, you can tell me, so i will eat one chococookie instead changing it Smile.
Idea came to me from a vid provided by miss Pace that you can reach here: (Mxo Bouncy tribute)

Server parts:
- Sheeva : Chat handler. We owe her all the chat sending to others
- Eve: Event handler. She will spawn other players and send movement/actions updates to others too.
- Nayadeh: AI on chat. Disabled for now.
- Librarian: Error logger. Hopefully we wont have to use him Wink [New incorporation]
- Lilith: Client object destroyer. She will kill ya while you look at her crying for mercy!... [New incorporation]

Server inner-working:
- Reality.exe without world server part.
- Python world server, including the server parts or handlers.
Means that you will execute 2 "exe"s for now.

Server destination OSs:
- Windows. Compiled reality + world server on exe.
- Linux / *nix. Compiled reality + "compiled" world server. Could need to install libraries on your Linux box.

Client-side. What is going to be do-able:

Native things
- Be received with your handle, by emu. "Welcome to MXOemu, <name>!"
- Meet other people & move around
- Talk in area chat with all people and (hopefully) receive chat. Chat will be worldwide yet
- Use the emotes on the menu
- Turn moods on and others seeing it
- Use the /sit and /dance (all) commands

Throught Editing database values
- Create new characters for X account
- Edit name for char. Will be used above char and in char panel (top right) automatically.
- Edit first name, last name and background. Just for the lul as we dont use it xD.
- Edit level for char. Shown when user 3d model is selected.
- Edit char coords. Spawning coords
- Edit char rotation. Rotation is rotation
- Edit the player profession (hacker, awakened, .. whatever)
- Edit the player affiliation (None, Zion, Merovingian, Machines)
- Edit the player experience. Calculates your level and makes the blue bar working on the char panel (top right)
- Edit the player cash. You could be rich or poor. Probably poor.
- Edit player district. Spawn district. "slums", "international", "downtown". if you fail writing it, default is "slums". Note that you need spawn coords for that district, or you will spawn in a weird place.
- Edit player outfit, aka RSI. You'r on your own there. If you glitch it, dont blame me.

Client-side. Removed features because of glitches:
- Nayadeh AI has been disabled (still there, not used) as sometimes glitched the chat with several people on.
- Hyperjump is disabled cause a unknown-yet glitch that freezes animations after some jumps.

Development status:

- Server Core [DONE-REWRITING]
- Sheeva [DONE]
- Eve [DONE]
- Librarian [DONE]
- Nayadeh [STOPPED]
- Lilith [WIP]

Known Bugs:
- emoteing is far from perfect. Sometimes you will be "teleported" and wont do emote. [Unfixable for now]
- Chars not spawned correctly but chat still works. [fixable]
- Chars spawned correctly but chat not available. [fixable]
- Packets not well received so player controlled is mixed with other player. [fixable]
- Nayadeh glitching chat. [nayadeh disabled]
- Chat lost sometimes. [fixable]
- Chat windown not resizeable + emote submenu not working [unfixable for now, i got it working :S]

Q: will I be able to host a server and let other people enter?
A: Yes. certified, if done, wont be done for this release.

Q: Do i need to do something special to let other people go inside my server?
A: No. You just need to open both exes and give the others your IP. They will need to do modifications that will be explained when release is done

Q: Will we need to install things for the new world server?
A: Still checking but short answer should be "no". Anyway, you will need mysql installed if you Had not tried the compiled servers before this one.

Q: Will i need to start reality and new world server to play?
A: If you are going to serve other people yes. If you are going to connect to other person server, no.

Q: How many people can be connected on my server?
A: That is not known yet. Test are needed, and surely will depend on the machine.

Q: Will you release the sourcecode for this?
A: No. And as i dont use the dll thing anymore, encryption and decryption handling could be not public too. Source code may be released if devs are ok with that, but is not an written-on-stone law.

Q: Could I buy a copy of the emu?
A: Emu is, and should be free of charge for ever. If ever paid, could be for an independent server, nothing more.

Q: You have any rights over this?
A: Warner Bros. has the rights for all the matrix related stuff. Monolith should have the rights for their code (mxo game) and we are happy about that. If any rights exists, will be just for the emu server, which is coded from scratch by us.

Q: And doors? And benchs? And and and gimme gimme gimme?
A: If you want that, you can code it for me. I will be glad if you do. Nothing more to add.

Q: Could you send me a youtube vid of how to put the server on and so? Please, you'r my hero, i love you, etc.

Q: Could I hire you for a job?
A: PM me the contract.

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