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06-26-2010, 12:46 PM, (This post was last modified: 06-26-2010, 12:49 PM by Zenom199.)
Hey if you havent heard already a new GTA style online game is launching on the 29th. Its called APB or All Points Bulletin and its a third person shooter. I'll link some vids from youtube that explain this gameplay and unique character customization system. - Gameplay Part 1 = Gameplay Part 2 - Character and vehicle customization


There is another great video that explains how the game works, cant find it but ill try and explain. Pretty much each server can support 100k players. each server has 3 districts, a social district (to chat, customise and buy stuff) and two action districts to pvp and mission in. each action district can support 100 players and the social can support 250. So what they have done is instanced these districts so once a district fills up another identical instance is created. so when you log in there is multiple action and social districts you can connect to. another great thing about this game is the character customization tool as seen in the third video. You dont have the usual 10 heads, 5 body type, 20 hairs styles etc to choose from to make a semi unique char. in this game everything is 100% customizable, even ur clothes. it allows u to make a truelly unique character. Another thing to note is you can make micro payments, so instead of paying for a 30day unlimited usage like most mmo's u can pay for small hour blocks instead. which are used when in the action districts, all social distract usage is free.

Its a game that has been in development for 5 years so there is alot of other cool things in this game that I cant be bothered listing, just watch the vids and decided for yourself.

So check it out and if your quick u can pre-order it now and get into the early release which starts at 9am EST this Saturday (like 10 hours from now) and get cool pre order unique items and 50 hours of free play time.

*NOTE* If you order from the main website beware that it will redirect you to either the US/EU version automatically by IP and wont give you a choice. If you dont like where it redirects you can order it from Steam, Direct2Drive and the EA store instead.
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