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Live events, LESIG and the future
05-27-2016, 09:21 AM,
Live events, LESIG and the future
Role play was a HUGE part of MxO and a large part of that was the overall story and the way it played out.

For this reason I would like to talk about things i would hope to see on servers.

First i think there should be a non cannon settling in period, let people play around tell some interesting stories and let the person or persons running the story characters get used to the process.

Second, Restart the story. Go back the the original storylines and repeat the Live events. Give player the chance to be a part of history on that server as well as to experience the things that made MxO what it was.

Third on top of the semi random cannon Live events hold non cannon ones that are pre scheduled, they can explore alternate endings, repeat fun missions for those that could not attend the main one or even be player led RP's with LESIG support.

LESIG, These should be positions voted for by the community with responsabilities attatched.

Each member must be active to a minimum standard and able to make scheduled meetings

Any LESIG character or known alt must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times double during events.

And any server making their own fancannon should have a single creative lead. this person needs a vision of where the story is going but may need the help of many other creative people to craft the final production.

What is important is the end product has the feel of a single author.

Anyway these are some of my thoughts, what are yours?

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Live events, LESIG and the future - by Darkangelus - 05-27-2016, 09:21 AM

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