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Another MxO Religion Chat!
01-23-2010, 05:52 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-24-2010, 04:03 AM by GamiSB.)
RE: Another MxO Relgion Chat!
(01-23-2010, 01:31 PM)Metalogic Wrote: The only problem I see with educating the masses about The Matrix and giving the option to free themselves to more than just the 1% is that while some would just blow it off as Alex Jones/Coast to Coast AM paranoid bullshit, others would take it seriously enough that they would die in their pods. As a Cypherite and even as a Merovingian Operative my goal was to make sure that there wasn't any needless death or needless awakenings. There has been cases of both the red pill and blue pill being shoved down the throat of bluepills and thus choice is robbed from them.

But the 99% don't have a choice I hear you say. Well actually they do. If you watch Reloaded you'll see that The Architect said that The Oracle stumble upon a solution where 99% of the test subject accepted the program, as long as they were given a choice, even if they made that choice on a near unconscious level. We make choices like that all the time throughout our day, that doesn't make them any less valid than the choices we are aware that we made.

Honestly that was never that big of an issue if people thought it through. The setting of MxO is completely different than in the movies. In MxO the redpill society has become larger and better known. The sentinel was an indicator of that when a running joke was how redpills seem to always act in a ”I know something you don’t” manner and everyone brother seemed to have a story about how they had run ins with them in bars, back alleys, or on the street. Any curious folk already knew what to look for if they wanted in or what to avoid if not interested. Preaching on a street corner doesn’t change this nor does mass email or whatever other methods of reaching out EPN/Zion/whoever used because the people who want to hear it will listen and the people who want no part will tune it out. The point EPN was trying to get across was that it should be the people choosing not Zion or the Machines. Did this eliminate the risk? No probably not but no one canon wise ever died by simply being awakened it was only when proper procedure of tracking and being there for pick up didn’t happen that people died so your concerns were all speculative and nothing short of a worry.

Any rhetoric about the 99% not having a choice was purely focused on the conscious level, subconsciously it didn’t matter and we didn’t care because all you have to do in reply was ask “So when did you subconsciously decided you wanted out” to counter the argument and go on your way. Without an answer to that question (which no one can provide because the line is so ambiguous) you can not in any way shape or form argue that a person had a choice in choosing “Matrix or Real”. You also have the problem of how informed the person is in choosing. Are they presented all the facts or is this choice made before they can even count to three?

Even still though this doesn’t matter, the most that a subconscious choice proves is that EPN is wasting its time because if the subconscious choice did decided then nothing EPN did without force should change that choice. Meaning 99% always says “no thanks ill stay” while the 1% goes down the rabbit hole. This is contradictory then that someone can make the wrong choice for themselves meaning there is no need for Cypherites to worry about someone unknowingly taking the wrong pill because its already been predetermined which one they are gonna want to take. So in essence what others are arguing here is that they knew better than the bluepill and should be the one to decide for them which brings us back to EPN wanting to fight anti Machine control, or I guess just anti control.

So in short, if people already decided which pill they would take, then nothing EPN did should have even changed that.
If they have not already chosen or a conscious choice can overrule the subconscious one, then they already know who or what to go to if they want answers EPN just made it more available.

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