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Duke Nukem fans... - Brooklyn - 01-26-2011


After waiting forever its coming.Big Grin

RE: Duke Nukem fans... - Morpheus - 01-26-2011

Saw it two days ago lol.

I would wanna say that too:

"We are fucking
bringing it!"


RE: Duke Nukem fans... - Rxu - 01-27-2011

I remember playing this thing on Win 3.1 and saying to myself that "it couldn't get any better"

I'm an old bastard

RE: Duke Nukem fans... - Brooklyn - 01-29-2011

old(er) games are the best...i still play Vigilante 8 and V8 second offense,The first V8 I consider a god among video games and the second a the perfect car combat game.I know that's saying a lot but they both are really,really fun and there not THAT old (1998 & 1999) but i would highly recommend that everyone play at least an hour.

Edit:forgot about Interstate '76 grate game too