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Uh..Help? - TheMatrix12 - 05-11-2010

im a major fan of the matrix online i been wanting to play the emu.I have the following downloaded from the old site fourm called "The idiots guide to installing MXO" i have the matrix online on my desktop i got a file called matrix2 (i guess the emu) when i click on them it goes to term of agreements i accept,but it said server couldnt be found.
MAIN question.
can someone help me set up my local server ? You can use my laptop via teamviewer5 its windows 7.
really want to jack back in..

RE: Uh..Help? - Aquilae - 05-12-2010

Did you use Matirx2.bat and not Matrix2.exe?

RE: Uh..Help? - Swan - 05-12-2010

Indeed, be sure to use Matrix2.bat and have reality running

RE: Uh..Help? - Valaro - 05-12-2010

And ensure you've copied all files to the mxo folder,. Ie matrix2.exe and matrix2.bat have to be inside Monolith Productions> The Matrix Online as well. on your desktop can be a shortcut to matrix2.bat

EDIT:Inside your mxo folder should be the following files.


On your desktop should be a copy> paste shortcut of matrix2.bat