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Awfully quiet... - TRX - 02-23-2012

Hey folks..

Thought i'd ask around how every body has been since new years.

Havent seen Morph in a while, and i was wondering how everybody was doin.
Not for the project persé.
Ive been trying some free 2 play games lately, and at this point im having fun in star trek online. its actually not bad.
But hey, nothing beats the matrix so far.


RE: Awfully quiet... - Yamakuzy - 02-29-2012

I'm good, super happy with life at the moment and still praying that this really kicks off soon (I nostalgia over this game every week, seriously, and have already recruited a bunch of people to pay this when it comes back Smile )

Studying at Uni anyway, and was wondering if theres anything I can do to help the cause. Hell, anything i can do that'll bring this back within the next two years i'll do it, I swear.

How's the emulator doing now anyway?

RE: Awfully quiet... - Neo - 02-29-2012

Hey folks,
its still in progress as i find some time (currently some lack of time - but every 2 or 3 days i find a hour or two to do something on it Smile).

Its still in my brain that i really want to see mxo back online Smile

Morpheus has many things to do.
When the first stable version will be availbe, we want to share the source code for it too.
Still have some issues and had to improved the MPM a little bit.

Currently in Progress Tasks:
- Ability Loadout change (Partical done)
- Inventory System (Partical done)
- Teleport through Worlds (90% Done - still need to sync hardlines etc.)
- View Manager and Object Manager (View Manager needs to be done for Multiplayer and NPC things)
- Real Char Creation (just in progress)

Also Code Structure has change a lot (compare to the HDS 0.01 Release).

I want to release the new Code Structure when :
- Teleporting works as it should (some issues with MPM currently)
- Multi Player Communcation works
This means : dispatch a message to other players (one-to-one , one-to-all, one-to-range-of-players/region, etc.).
Also there are different types like RPC Dispatching should be handled in other way like view managment for a client.
I know how - but didnt found the time to implement it (as it is a huge process lol).
- Real Char Creation works

RE: Awfully quiet... - Yamakuzy - 03-01-2012

Damn that's real impressive! You're making tonnes of progress!

Doesn't that mean that you'll have an actual albeit bare bones version of MxO? (Sans combat/missions, etc?)

RE: Awfully quiet... - Vesuveus - 03-01-2012

Hi all,

I stay quiet but check all emu forums weekly. I really only post if I have anything to offer to the conversation. I sit out on most development topics.

Aside from MxO, I am doing well. Today is my son's 1st birthday. And I have a fight next weekend I have been training for.

Oh, and it's snowing. I loved snow in the Matrix. No shoveling. Tongue

RE: Awfully quiet... - Static - 03-02-2012

I still lurk around. I haven't done any MxO related work due to Real Life ™.

In spare time, usually on a train ride to and from work, I am trying to build a game engine in perl using shadowrun ruleset. Hopefully it might help to build actual game logic when i resume work on MxO.

I did play around with parsing gameobjects.gob database, but need more understanding of the structures to fully understand how to make that database more human readable. Here is a screenshot of the work in progress.

RE: Awfully quiet... - TRX - 03-03-2012

Ah.. good to hear from yall..

@ Neo Very good bro, but how are you? Smile

@ Vesu Happy 1st offspring birthday Captain Tongue

And all of yaz, thanks for the reaction, keep the faith, coz obviously there is no spoon O.o

Big Grin

Sidenote, all my Star trek vessels have hovercraft names Wink
btw static.. In the list there i saw consistent techniques.. wich reminded me somehow of an abillity.. multi attack or somethin, cant really recall the name, but according to what i've heard said about it, it had something to do, with attacking multiple enemies..

Do you know what the ab is exactly?
It is near to the only one in the whole tree i never really understood.

RE: Awfully quiet... - Parallax - 03-08-2012

Hey guys,
I just had some free time (and I remembered I should probably help out some more Blush) and thought I'd check in and say hi.

Saw your post on continuing development, Neo, looks good.

I'll probably start sifting though packets again if that would help.

RE: Awfully quiet... - telemancer - 03-10-2012

I continue to lurk on the emu sites and hope for advances. RL has made is difficult to spend much time in MMOs but when (if) MxO is back in any form I will FIND THE TIME! keep it moving forward, no matter how slowly! warm regards, T

RE: Awfully quiet... - Neo - 03-11-2012

@TRX i am fine atm Smile Still miss MxO ..thats why i was unsatisfied with the current progress, but time is running fast and still lack of time -.- .

I think same to rajko yet - still mxosource are working on a new engine (so this is a think which i like - as the new code looks much more better than the old one Smile).

Morpheus has many things to do in Real Life and as he did very much work before , i said to him he should take some time for hisself and other things that are not mxo related. So currently i am dev the HD Server.

Also i am working on a new Website for Hardline Dreams . So yeah we are still living and try to make progress but due lack of time its hard to get something that is releaseable Smile

Also talked to morpheus and when we release the next version, the source code will be released too for this (the current source wouldnt make sense to release ).