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RE: Random Matrix Poopies! :D - Vesuveus - 02-13-2010

This was great and made me ache to play the game in its complete state.

RE: Random Matrix Poopies! :D - azarazamataz - 02-14-2010

Awesome work, I lol'd so much haha.

RE: Random Matrix Poopies! :D - Ceege - 02-14-2010

Keep 'em coming, sooo good!

RE: Random Matrix Poopies! :D - EmeraldSkye - 02-16-2010

Damn, I'm good. Big Grin

Until I crank out something new, here are some Matrixy YouTube links to keep you occupied. Smile




RE: Random Matrix Poopies! :D - EichDee - 02-16-2010

(02-16-2010, 06:10 AM)EmeraldSkye Wrote: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGr4fde4puk

[Image: agent_elrond.jpg]

RE: Random Matrix Poopies! :D - MajTom - 02-16-2010

"Just like pootie tang..."

RE: Random Matrix Poopies! :D - Otter - 02-16-2010

Great stuff, I too miss the ability to jump Wink

RE: Random Matrix Poopies! :D - EmeraldSkye - 02-16-2010

(02-16-2010, 07:06 AM)Agent Pace Wrote: [Image: agent_elrond.jpg]
Okay, who drew that? Tongue

(Poor Hugo Weaving. Apparently he did too good a job at playing Smith, and now Elrond, Megatron and all of his other subsequent roles are doomed to Smithification as well. Big Grin )

Also, I never realized there was a movie called Pootie Tang before seeing that clip. I take it Pootie Tang didn't do too well at the box office. Undecided

And Morpheus? Let us know when the Emulator will let us jump, will you? Thanks in advance. Heaven knows I miss my sideways somersaults.... Big Grin

RE: Random Matrix Poopies! :D - rajkosto - 02-16-2010

When you can jump is up to me, not him (although the sooner i get info, the sooner i can implement features)

RE: Random Matrix Poopies! :D - Turaina - 02-16-2010

That was beautiful Emerald, simply beautiful ^.^