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RE: Emu screenshots - Morpheus - 03-07-2010

Thanks for the post & the info Noxton.
I find it really useful to say something, if not more!.

More thang in that words that one can see at first... um...

*starts the inventing-box*

RE: Emu screenshots - MajTom - 03-07-2010

(03-05-2010, 08:22 AM)Noxton Wrote: I haven't found the office where the woman in the red looks for a key and you get freakin' shoes yet.

You can't just load Tutorial_v2 and teleport to these locations, first you need the modified Client.dll from Bayamos:

THEN, you've got to add in a couple of lines into your Useropts.cfg (or your autoexec_cfg's if you know what you're doing):

WR_DLLoadIrrelevantMissionSpaces = 1
WR_DrawNavMesh = 0

Hint, using that DLL and these commands will also allow you to roll around in all mission spaces. So that means Club Hel, or the Zion/Merv/Mech org rooms (haven't found those yet) as well as the general all-purpose mission areas in all buildings.

Has fun!


Oh, here's the coords to the Tutorial_v2:
Tut. Train: 70 3 -110
Tut. Dojo: 58 -10 -108
Tut. White room: 71 40 -157

fireplace room -229.0 3.0 -162.0
women in red room 39 5 -164
Gun room coords?

remember these areas repeat in this zone

RE: Emu screenshots - Aquilae - 05-23-2010

eh almost.

[Image: mxo11.jpg]

RE: Emu screenshots - Aquilae - 05-23-2010

[Image: mxo12.jpg]