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Screenshots - iDave - 06-24-2009

here u can post ur last screenshots from mxo...
i be the one..


[Image: 01.jpg]
[Image: 02.jpg]


[Image: 03.jpg]


[Image: 04.jpg]

okay, ur turn.. ))

RE: Screenshots - Neo - 06-24-2009

Hey where are the screens?Wink

RE: Screenshots - Morpheus - 06-24-2009

(06-24-2009, 05:44 PM)Neo Wrote: Hey where are the screens?Wink

Maybe the forum got [img]tag altered in some way, maybe it doesnt understand [image]... who knows xD.

And as I didnt played MxO (weird huh?) I dont have screenshots to show xD, apart from a test char used to... umm jack in Wink

RE: Screenshots - iDave - 06-25-2009

hmmmm... i dont know... forum seems doesn't work correctly...
also i dont see button images

RE: Screenshots - rajkosto - 06-27-2009

[Image: mxoinventory.th.jpg]
[Image: mxoui2.th.jpg]
[Image: mxoui.th.jpg]
[Image: mxoaudio.th.jpg]
[Image: mxowall.th.jpg]
[Image: mxoflying.th.jpg]
[Image: mxowalljump.th.jpg]
[Image: mxoinv2.th.jpg]
[Image: mxoinv.th.jpg]
[Image: mxofickey.th.jpg]
[Image: mxoassasin.th.jpg]
[Image: mxooracle.th.jpg]
[Image: mxomegacity.th.jpg]
[Image: mxogreenball.th.jpg]
[Image: mxospotlight.th.jpg]
[Image: mxobuildingshadow.th.jpg]
[Image: mxoclothing.th.jpg]
[Image: mxopipe.th.jpg]
[Image: mxowindow.th.jpg]
[Image: mxodebirchain.th.jpg]
[Image: mxoslum.th.jpg]
[Image: mxopurple8.th.jpg]
[Image: mxopurple7.th.jpg]
[Image: mxopurple6.th.jpg]
[Image: mxopurple5.th.jpg]
[Image: mxopurple4.th.jpg]
[Image: mxopurple3.th.jpg]
[Image: mxopurple2.th.jpg]
[Image: mxopurple1.th.jpg]
[Image: mxob4.th.jpg]
[Image: mxob3.th.jpg]
[Image: mxob2.th.jpg]
[Image: mxob1.th.jpg]
[Image: mxohair.th.jpg]
[Image: mxotyndall.th.png]
[Image: mxoerror.th.jpg]
[Image: mxomeatwad.th.jpg]
[Image: mxoroukanseraph.th.jpg]
[Image: mxostack.th.jpg]
[Image: mxomissing.th.jpg]
[Image: mxohel2.th.jpg]
[Image: mxoglitchmorpheus.th.jpg]
[Image: mxotbonemorpheus.th.jpg]
[Image: mxoharajuku.th.jpg]
[Image: mxooldmap.th.jpg]
[Image: mxoe32003nigger.th.jpg]
[Image: mxowtf.th.jpg]
[Image: mxothisbig.th.jpg]
[Image: garutachinoob.th.jpg]
[Image: mxoenemylots.th.jpg]
[Image: mxoenemyvirus.th.jpg]
[Image: mxobutton.th.jpg]
[Image: mxonoideafloor.th.jpg]
[Image: mxonosuit.th.jpg]
[Image: mxoguard.th.jpg]
[Image: mxocodebombs.th.jpg]
[Image: mxohel.th.jpg]
[Image: mxooldmara.th.jpg]
[Image: mxobluegui.th.jpg]
[Image: mxomessedfacial.th.jpg]
[Image: mxoeliteguard.th.jpg]
[Image: mxoupsidedown.th.jpg]
[Image: mxocamojacket.th.jpg]
[Image: mxoawesomeinterface.th.jpg]
[Image: mxobetarocket.th.jpg]
[Image: mxoveryold.th.jpg]
[Image: mxostillveryold.th.jpg]
[Image: mxosomeweirdshit.th.jpg]
[Image: earliestmxoscreenshot.th.jpg]

RE: Screenshots - iDave - 06-28-2009

thnx 4 this screens, man.. ;-)

RE: Screenshots - Morpheus - 06-28-2009

Thanks for the sshots Wink

There is some fun in seen failures and curious things, better than sample images from ingame times. And some of yours show earlier GUI's so look like a timelineTongue.

RE: Screenshots - iDave - 06-28-2009

[Image: screenshot73.jpg]

[Image: screenshot195.jpg]

[Image: screenshot198a.jpg]

[Image: screenshot222p.jpg]

[Image: screenshot258.jpg]

[Image: screenshot276a.jpg]

it's my some last screens... Blush

RE: Screenshots - Neo - 06-29-2009

Great Screens (and rajko great Closed Beta Screens Smile)..i love them lol.

I will post some of my screens too .

RE: Screenshots - iDave - 06-29-2009

thanx.. ))
await ur screens..