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Full Version: MxO Client - Parameters & tricks
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MxO client exe got a lot of hard-coded parameters, which I putted together in a list:

qlver --> Unknown
session --> session id?
qlsession --> quick login/launch session id?
char --> character selected
qlchar -> quick login/launch selected?
pwd -> password
qlpwd -> quick login/launch password?
user -> username
qluser -> quick login/launch username?
lptest -> Unknown
skiplaunch -> Unknown
noeula -> Skip EULA, right to patch/login
justpatch -> Simply patch the server
recover-> Performs a Full System Check
deletechar -> delete character?
nopatch -> Ignore patch checking (launcher+client+updates)
silent-> "no verbose" mode?


MxO Client got some options great for doing tricks with the client.
I will put one or two.

Open "options.cfg" with a text editor (even notepad) and look for a line like:

Quote:windowed = 0
Quote:windowed = 1

if it doesnt appear, insert the windowed = 1 sentence, so you can test things on your client and wont matter if it gets stuck or hangs and you can always finish the windows process (because you'r not fullscreen! Tongue)