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Full Version: The Floating Dove Merchant
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Just thought I'd share a tidbit I found while wandering. I'm sure all the devs are aware that once you click on any type of vendor/collector, the seller's screen will pop up with the usual unsorted store lists. But I found something interesting along the same lines. I found a dove floating in the middle of the air, and it had the hand indicator. So I double-clicked it, and up popped the store menu.
I just thought it was rather odd and I chuckled a bit.

Apparently there's quite a few of them. I suppose they follow their own type of "walking" table AI.
Location X:-730 Y:13 Z:145 -- Downtown, Center Park
Yup, you are right.
Atm, i just made it so the game receives a (static) NPC vendor packet if the selected object is a "02" type object which, by random design, is the one for vendors and for mission contacts too.

The dead pidgeon floating on the air is a mission contact spawn place (seems like they need a body to change into the real contact).

You can see that effect with Sister Margaret from Mara Church (best and the only example i know).

If you care about the game chat logs, you can see that other objects (doors, pipes, benches,...) are also identified already, but.. of course, ignored Wink.