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Full Version: last living matrix forum??
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Is this the last living matrix themed forum? One of the things I loved the most about MXO was all of the deep conversations I would have with people in character and out of character about matrix themed topics. I wish this forum was more active so I could have these same conversations I've missed for the past year I search and search for a place that may be more active and it always comes up empty i always come here, is this really the last living matrix forum on the internet??? Its so hard to believe for a franchise that was once the holy grail of film. /cry
Not even close.

There's http://mxoemu.info
http://mxoforums.com (this one also includes an archive of nearly everything from the old Sony forums)

There are others.
All three boards are alive, some have more activity than others but we all troll them every couple days at the worst case scenario.
May i suggest that someone archive this thread ?
(well delete this post then archive it)
I have given a voice to the people....a voice to war against the machine....a voice heralding the return of "The One". Join me and demand the movie. "Like" "Give Us "The Matrix 4"!!!! on facebook.
Marked this as a sticky, as i will probably have a peek on the websites. Damn it, "WTB time, 1k offer! "Tongue
Pretty awesome though this does seem like on e of the few remaining MxO emu sites
(02-08-2011, 03:49 AM)Jenove Wrote: [ -> ]Pretty awesome though this does seem like on e of the few remaining MxO emu sites
I think it is. I've only heard of this and the "original" project from Rajko.
BTW, does somebody from here/MxOE maintain The Source wiki? Considering these are the only two projects on that site.
Ah, I see I must have got that link from MxOE when it was back up. Thanks for that QuiDormit, it's a very useful resource.
I would have said, "one of the emu sites", as i guess no emu site has been up and down (yet).
I tried to update the wiki... but i have a lot of things here to organize, collect and post (random files on root directory xD).