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Full Version: why any progress?
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Huh please show us any progress i cant sleep
Dude, either learn how to do this yourself, or be patient.

I told you the same thing over on the other boards.

Your demands are rude. These people have real lives to attend to.
thanks QuiDormit, it is right.
Atm we have a lot to do with Real Live (over the last monthes and will still hold on), so no big progress.

I think this isnt a real problem atm, as rajko testserver is on and that he is doing on this emu further progress - so check mxoemu out.
give it awhile. making this game playable aint no easy walk in the park.
He's complaining over at mxoemu.info about things not being done, too.

He's all whining and no help.
i still want to have my bed cover in reverse mode, and me snoring in the weekend mornings ... rofl.

And yeah, i'm working on something for packets.. dont be so fast-demanding xD.
Indeed. Be happy when it gets done and try to help if at all possible. Sometimes things that are rushed end badly, so let it take as long as it takes.