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Full Version: The Introduction
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"I'm Jonathan Michaels." said the man, turning to the other end of the bench.

Michaels removed a cigarette from the front pocket of his trench coat, offering it toward the other. After a second, he rolls it over his knuckle, gripping it with his index and middle fingers. He places it in his mouth, removing a disposable lighter from an inner pocket of his coat.

"You know... this cigarette isn't real..." He eyes the figure at the end of the bench. "It's just code."

He paused, finger rolling over the crank-like ignition mechanism, a flame flaring up. Still staring at the other, he lifted cigarette and lighter to his mouth, taking a puff to get the flame going. He sighed, letting a cloud of smoke roll out of his mouth.

" 'How', you may ask..." he muttered, looking around. "... I still don't want to believe the answer to that question."

Another pause. Michaels releases the valve of the lighter, allowing the flame to go out.

"But, then again, I've got to accept it.
The machines wouldn't return me to a pod.
So I gotta accept my circumstances, right?"

No answer.

Michaels sighed. He stepped away from the bench, which he knew had been empty since he sat down there over an hour ago.

He lifted a phone to his ear.
"Operator, I need an exit."
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