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Full Version: Ten Days til 1 year anniversary
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I just have one question, just one question...

What were you doing 12:00 am pacific time on August 1 2009?
[Image: debf2d22f8408fa1e3eaaf9.jpg]

I miss the good times... Sad
wearing black ? lol
I wasn't even there ;-;
I didn't have my laptop back then, and my computer was barely able to run it so I couldn't play D:
I was sleeping.... zzzzzzzzzzz

umm, that last night I played until about 10pm (E.S.T) then I went to bed because I was wasted. lol I couldn't bare the sadness of staying up till the servers went down, but I enjoyed my last day for what it was. Undecided
I imagine that it was about 3 to 6 am here.. or whatever...

I was playing other kind of gameBig GrinBig Grin.

Dont regret it, ever.
I'll be sewing my heart back up... Sad
I was hanging out with Familia Grigori Sad

I curse the SOE name.