Hardline Dreams - A Python Matrix Online Server Project

Full Version: Hey!
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Hey there! It's been a while Smile, I can't believe how much progress has been made on this.. Seen so many old friends on here Sad, missed you all.. Can't wait to get back in game though Smile..

Resident out..Big Grin
Hi there!

I cant believe it either...
i'm even beginning to like cryptography...

and know a lot about coding now xD.
and still wanna play Big Grin
Well would you like a hand? I'm trying to get into the Coding side of things, I know some PHP and some HTML and do the odd CSS too.. Would be willing to learn python or C++??
umm just wait a bit. We are working on the servers to provide a working example.

later, we would give the code to experiment yourselves.
Awesome, well I would like to help out in anyway I can.. Even If its the odd PHP and SQL database's for the website or website coding for you to relieve some pressure.. i've got 500gb of webspace which aint goin anywhere fast so if you need some of that aslong as the domain's paid for you're welcome to have some Smile