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Full Version: Uh..Help?
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im a major fan of the matrix online i been wanting to play the emu.I have the following downloaded from the old site fourm called "The idiots guide to installing MXO" i have the matrix online on my desktop i got a file called matrix2 (i guess the emu) when i click on them it goes to term of agreements i accept,but it said server couldnt be found.
MAIN question.
can someone help me set up my local server ? You can use my laptop via teamviewer5 its windows 7.
really want to jack back in..
Did you use Matirx2.bat and not Matrix2.exe?
Indeed, be sure to use Matrix2.bat and have reality running
And ensure you've copied all files to the mxo folder,. Ie matrix2.exe and matrix2.bat have to be inside Monolith Productions> The Matrix Online as well. on your desktop can be a shortcut to matrix2.bat

EDIT:Inside your mxo folder should be the following files.


On your desktop should be a copy> paste shortcut of matrix2.bat