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Full Version: Emotes and Initial Discipline
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Saw Morph's post and decided to post these. They're no map, but that thing is humongous on a scanner with a max size of A4 paper, and didn't stitch well in my panorama maker because it slipped here and there.

Links are to the high-res photos. Didn't want to break the page. Wink

Thx....me and morpheus have the EU Version (i got the same , bought in 2004) and its stripped by these thing.

(The EU version was a joke btw. just a little manual with the different languages..and thats was it Smile) no translated client but the game was fun....

Well...i miss it sometimes really....when i thought about how much fun we had some years ago in mxo with my mates.
<< likes that ^^

mine is sealed yet. Didnt opened since that post xD. But i want to... seems heavy xD.

and neo, i may be wrong, after loooking at all the codes and files inside, but i think that i found a language=english, with a commented "#language=german" somewhere.

maybe monolith was thinking in some new things.
yeah i saw this too..but didnt found translated files somewhere..so maybe the thought about it , but didnt had done it.