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Full Version: Meet up
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So, since Downtown is the only place we can visit in the test server right now (horrible place to have it set, btw.) Who want's to meet up? I've only ever seen one player since the server went up, which is a bit sad.

So, tell me some cord's, and let's chat up a storm!Big Grin
If I can ever get my log in info I'd love to meet up. Let ya know.
Same, ive been waiting for a week now and no word from Raj. According to the pm tracking system my pm hasnt even been read yet Sad

BTW this prolly should be on the other forum as the test server isnt supported or used by this team.
As well expressed by Zenom199, there are (at least) 2 threads opened with answers about time, and opinions about meeting on the "test server", so please, go ahead there for meeting info / hours.
Is it on the other fourm's? I can't seem to find it here.
Yeah it wont be on this board Shaox because we aren't currently supporting it. And to say quickly I don't think that Downtown is the place. the slums seems to be where its a for everyone else. Downtown is coordinates set by rajko apparently :S
Wait, you guy's all are in the slums? How come Im in downtown? and yes, it is set by raijko, so how are you all in the slums?
I'm, not. I don't play :S
Don't play? :O

because of who it is run by or because it is still in the works? Or both?
Dont play too on rajkos Testserver, cause it isnt really interesting for me in the state and we have other things to do for our project Smile
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