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Full Version: Changing character settings
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I am running my own local server and I am curious how to change character details. Ive worked out how to change the character name in the database but when i log it the name has only changed in the top right corner not above my character. I also cannot find in the database where to change the characters default clothing/look. I use dermoclothing but I want to change it permenantly.. Also want to find the level setting in the database aswell.


DermoClothing, use it with your game up and it'll update once you hit the update button or whatever it was. Dunno about the name though, never messed with it.
(04-08-2010, 05:20 PM)Gerik Wrote: [ -> ]http://www.sendspace.com/file/eti8dq

DermoClothing, use it with your game up and it'll update once you hit the update button or whatever it was. Dunno about the name though, never messed with it.

I know about dermoclothing but it has to be redone everytime u load the game. I am trying to find where in the database the original settings your character has so I can change it
I don't think you can change it permanently, till there's an actual live server, database, etc. Best you can do for now (unless Morph or Neo comments saying otherwise) is to write the numbers on a piece of paper and redoing your appearance everytime you log in.

Edit: Also, sorry I didn't see that you said you used DermoClothing, I just looked at your post kinda briefly.
there has to be a way cause morpheus would have created the default character and set the clothing/look etc. Unless its hardcoded into the server software. But i didnt think that was likely cause it should be in the player database.
Indeed, i did. But that screenshots were taken from my temporal (& non released) python version, aka Scatman, where we have a improved database & functions (like "full" emotes & moods and so).

In the existent V2 version, name above your player is harcoded on code ("AgentXXXXXX" or "CitizenXXXXXX" depending on version) taken as idea from Rajko (didnt discuss that at the time). That being different from corner name, all being said, will fuck your talking animation later...

Clothing was harcoded as a packet that i modified in my personal version, allowing access to DB to recreate RSI.

For sure, new database included player RSI, cash, clothing, affiliation (None, Zion, ...), level, exp, and the district the player will load in. Curiously very similar to some test server thing i saw somewhere.

Newer server here should be able to achieve the same, as just repeating the procedure and i still have the same database.
Zenom199 At this point id say Reality was nothing more than a test, just to show we could get access to the world. I would leave it for the meantime, and yes I know as annoying as it is to here that, because I also want to do some cool like things like that, but like I was saying best to wait, should be within the next couple of months that we have a Release where your character can change his clothes Smile
Thanks for letting me know. I am just very eager to play with things and get to know how the game works abit better.
Oh please dont take my post as being aggressive. That wasnt how it was meant. Im eager to tinker with some settings too, but dont worry. That time will come Smile
Before the original boards died we used to have a thread about how to change how you look before dermoclothing was around. Only problem with that though was that you had 30 different items (for each piece of clothing) and had to figure out which of the 32 item colors you wanted.
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