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Full Version: Matrix Reindianed
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Someone doing Matrix (The Movie) Emulator experiments.

Of course, no woman can be important in that culture, so... just neo without trinity.
And why the need for a machete/sword? XD.
Well, remakes hardly stand up to the original. hehe
lol @ the wall run, must of been oil on there, was hoping he'd fall on his head.
Just not the same without Trin being in it. And what's with the cracking of the neck when switching guns for the first time.
Yeah I thought that too, Rycus. He looked like a noob if you ask me =P

Still, it's overall well done.

This video was hilarious!!!. It was *almost* good - but in the end....not.
1:54 -> Pickup a M4 / M16
1:55 -> Pickup the same weapon again (WTF?)
1:59 -> The weapon turned into an uzi (WTF2?)

not talking about the "swats" helmets xD
God. That is AWWWWSUM.
Is it scary if I think it's of descent quality? lol

They should have used one of those extremely hot indi models as Trin, that would have made this film pure gold!

Some of the scenes are very crude while others are well executed...#1 sign of noob directing and special effects coordinator..