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Full Version: Contact List
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Not one here, so hell. now there is.

Please add your handles for the following

MSN - Twaggsta04@hotmail.com
Yahoo - Twaggsta
Facebook - Tony Twaggy Doman
Twitter - TheRealTwaggy
Skype - ____

If you think of any more, just add ya handle to it.

I just figured it would be a nice way for us all to keep in touch etc outside the forum, like if ya needed to tell me something really important like I owe you money or you love me you can!!! lol
We have an XFire list. Tongue
lol xfire. If anybody wants to hit me up, msn: sgregory416@hotmail.com. see you around! =]
msn- omglolesko@hotmail.com
twitter- eskoandhisblob
xbl- eskoz