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Full Version: Caption Contest 02/02/10
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Ends tomorrow at 1 PM EST.

[Image: 9591cd75f40eb4527a4e682aa3111069.jpg]
"Homo Milk, find out if your a Homo. TODAY!"

"Milked From Homos Daily"
My entry (even though it doesn't count): Hmmmm you can just taste that Homo! It's a bit salty and sticky though.
Yours count Meta. Only the judge can't enter! As he would be able to vote his the funniest Tongue
"Micro filtered for that fresh and great homo taste that kids love".
will post what i though, when i looked at that.

"If Herbal Essence was a special experience for you, try this one"
"Mom and Dad. Sit down, I have to tell you something.


I ... I love the TruTaste of Neilson 2%."
Joey: "This milk is gay."
Mom: "Joey, watch your mouth!"
Joey: "No, seriously, says it right on the carton..."
"Contains a full day's supply of Broadway musical in every glass!"
A glass and a half a day - keeps you looking gay.
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