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Full Version: CRC checks
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If i modify matrix.exe/launcher.exe i get "Please run virus check and full system scan", if i modify client.dll i get "Incompatible client version" etc, work on how to disable this, makes life much easier (i can modify to output additional debug info etc)
as expressed before:

dont touch matrix.exe, dont touch client.dll, touch all other dll's if ya want.

Expect a crc check on server for the exe+dll for client to prevent hacking

Otherwise, calculate CRC of a clean matrix.exe and find where it's sent to server xD.
Tip: getfileversion? something like that? xD


hook createfile and when it asks to open matrix.exe or client.dll, open matrix.exe_backup instead and give it file handle to that
the good news too it ..this only happens on life server, when you have own margin server and resend the packet from a clean matrix.exe , matrix starts up Wink


obviously, now why dont you do something instead of just posting witty remarks
Developped a little packet analyzer program to ... emm analyze packets txt logs.

Currently Matrix.exe data is:

crc: "DF 07 2F A6"
md5: "AE 09 E1 8D 50 E5 BD 6C 0A AE 50 2E 0E 96 28 6B"

Passed them to program in normal and reverse format on a full login log and "surprisingly".. nothing found there for crc nor md5.

So if sent, they may be encrypted/joined with more data
sry no much time atm (at the weekend i only have a few minutes sometimes).

I will check up something more tomorrow.


they are sent in margin packets...
which are encrypted after the first packet