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Full Version: I haz an idea!!!
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Let me stand in on this as an ADMN and furthermore as my title says Community Relations.

Tornadic, has come up with an idea. Currently i haven't seen anyone other than maybe Morpheus and sixxth (< iffy) who has spoken without aggression. I haven't seen him put actions to words! Which means this is nothing more than a discussion. I will ask Yamakuzy in future to be less aggressive in trying to achieve what's on his mind.

This man or woman has simply come up with an idea. A reasonably good one (Ie the one about renting the rights). I would be willing to pay for something provided I was safe in the knowledge of it being updated it regularly there was going to be advertisement in order to bring in a bigger fan base and that the game would have a story. This i would be willing to pay for much like I used to only it was never added to or advertised.

In saying this, this plan is not the current one! And again is simply being discussed. if anyone has a problem with discussions on certain topics or someone wishes to post there idea, let them! If you do not agree say so. If the discussion continues and it "annoys" you then please do not bother with the thread any longer.

Thank you all for your continued cooperation

*puts torch and pitchfork away* thank you Valaro. =P
Hmmm, this thread seems to have turned into a bit of a flamefest...I don't think Tornadic's ideas are anything other than noble are they!?

I mean, we're all on the same page here right? Wanting to get MxO back up and playable.

In an ideal world, this solution would make absolute sense, unfortunately it's not and I have to agree that the chances of WB agreeing to such a proposal are slim to none and furthermore, no matter how cautious the pitch was, someone may get a sniff of something and it would be game-over.

On the subject of P2P;

(01-29-2010, 07:45 AM)Metalogic Wrote: [ -> ]
(01-29-2010, 07:44 AM)Yamakuzy Wrote: [ -> ]
(01-29-2010, 07:26 AM)Fickey Wrote: [ -> ]I don't think it would happen even if the money was put up front only because of the vibe I got from how everything went down. In my head, it seems that WB does not want this game to continue. Plain and simple, they don't want it to continue, exist, or be operational.

If this is the case, then no matter what you throw at them, they won't budge. SOE has nothing to do with this anymore, it's all on WB.

This, this and this!

And also, on the fact that i don't know what YOUR saying, let me clarify what i'am saying.

Apart from possibly dropping in the odd donation when i have the money free to do so, i don't want to pay a monthly subscription. I know it sounds like leeching, but i'am a 17 year old kid in south london with no job, and no way of getting a job during the recession. so please, cut it out. The majority of us couldnt care less about your plan, as it'll either destroy MXOEmu from the inside or the outside.

QFT. I'm able to pay a subscription, but I feel that MxOE would get a bigger player base by being F2P.

All good points.

I'm just thinking, surely what this is about is geting the community back playing together right? In order to do that in an effective way, albeit a long time from now, we're going to need bandwidth and unless some kind soul is willing to donate a server, that's going to cost money.

End of.

TBH I, personally, miss the game so much at this point (I read the prima guide cover to cover tonight - sad and irrelevant I know) that I'd willingly pay the full sub again right-now, so donating to the cost of renting a server would not give me a problem whatsoever...

Morpheus and others have donated their precious time and knowledge to this project so willingly, for no payment other than the odd thank you on the forums.

Wouldn't it seem a little trite to balk over a couple of quid a month (if you can afford it) so we could all play together someday?

F2P - voluntary monthly donations would surely be the way to go (when/if the time comes), no premium content, no special treatment - just folks willing to shell out to get a game with their buddies.

'If you build it, they will come' and all that bobbins...i'm sure there are enough people on these boards that would be willing to donate.

My 2 cents Tongue
(01-29-2010, 12:25 PM)Khem1kal Wrote: [ -> ]F2P - voluntary monthly donations would surely be the way to go (when/if the time comes), no premium content, no special treatment - just folks willing to shell out to get a game with their buddies.

'If you build it, they will come' and all that bobbins...i'm sure there are enough people on these boards that would be willing to donate.

My 2 cents Tongue

I will DEFINITELY donate but monthly subs are not the way to go legally nor strategically, the mass public would not care about any dead MMO enough to pay every month. Just pretty much stating what has been said but I 100% agree with that. The idea of renting the rights is a beautiful one but incredibly ignorant at the same time. That being said i miss this fucking game so bad!!!!!! lol I will donate as much as I can when I can.
Pretty sure we've been over this before. They'd accept donations, but they were having problems with paypal or something, so it was never set up.
...as Valaro expressed, we should be open to all discussions.

My question for you Tornadic is, why now?

Where were you with this idea six months ago, when it was slightly more feasible and would sound marginally less ridiculous?

You wait until Morpheus, Raj, and Co. waste six months developing something, that should be just thrown away?

Where's your logic there?

Not to mention, from your first post on this thread, through your last, your "plan" and "prices" keep changing.

...and for the record, any hostility in my tone, or anyone else, comes from people like you, that show up randomly, convinced that you have some kind of magic plan to persuade CEOs, basically millionaire paper pushers, to give a shit about something we love, but they could care less about. Not to mention, you have no considerable sum of money to throw at the project yourself. If you where some million playboy tech nerd, that wanted to throw some of his trust fund money at the idea and be our savior, I'd welcome you with open arms, but your not. I agree with the others. This post should be closed.

I think it's a bad idea.

I think the few moments Morpheus spent explaining how bad of an idea it is, were a waste of his time.

I think the amount of time I spent reading through this post, contemplating this topic, then expressing my views on the subject, were a waste of my time.

I don't think you really care at all about MxO and I don't believe a word you say.
NeoVII I believe I said stop with the agression. Your last post on this thread was a contradiction.

This forum has been closed. It will remain where it is. I would also like to say NeoVII this site isnt the easiest to find! Albeit a good thing legally, however that is why he "randomly showed up".

Apologies those who wish to discuss this point further in this thread, however It got a little out of control.


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