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Full Version: Never Forget
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Hey, Some of you may remember Darkangelus2 from MxO Syntax server.

I remember the fun i had playing MxO, something about the world was so attractive. Even when having nothing to do, just running around exploring the city jumping from roof to roof could entertain for hours.

I have never since seen a game where people could be so content sitting around in a pretend club listening to an internet radio show.

Add to that the kind of person that was attracted to the game, generaly it was intelligent creative people that in turn lead to some amazing RP stories from the players.

The live events were another amazing touch, i only ever got to attend one that was related to the story rather than parties or similar but i had a lot of fun reading other players reports of them.

So i guess the purpose of this post is to remember what it was about the matrix that made it such an enticing place.

I think a large part was the people it wasnt a game like world of warcraft that had thousands of players, the community was small even to the point i think a single server could have handled everyone, but the players were dedicated any community would have been proud to have such a committed almost fanatical group.

If MxO was to return tomorrow i would want it exactly as it was, bugs and all. The hardest part about reviving the matrix will not be just rebuilding the server code, it will be rebuilding the players.

once the server code is completed there will be a choice. publicly release all the server files or not.

If the files are released there will be MANY servers further dividing an already fractured and distant community.

But if the files are kept private only 1 server will be running uniting the players, however this server would quickly be targeted with legal action. and if they released the server code AFTER that point they would be liable for further action.

SO i think what the community needs is a beacon. A signal flare, Something to draw everyone together a voice in the dark to scream out in behalf of all the fallen.

I don't care if it's a teamspeak server, a forum or a radio station. but we need something to be a single unified place communicate. as long as it isnt on facebook.