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Full Version: So...
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just curious...
Hows everybody here?

Just managed to get to the forums. The activation email wasn't working for some reason. Thanks Morpheus for fixing my account.
I'm back again. I'll start the packet guide up. So close to finishing off rev3, ashamed I didn't finish it before I left. It was a pretty big update.
Hi all. Been a while since I posted here on HD. I hope all is well. I still think about how difficult it is to reverse engineer this game from the bits and pieces of information that were obtained before the shutdown and appreciate that it is still being picked away at by our talented and committed community members. Thanks again. I look forward to seeing what's next for HD.
I was collaborating with Rajko for information purposes.

Now i'm being contracted to be a coder, and planning to move to a new underground basement near my job.

Dunno how things will keep going, but lot of stuff was found even if not posted (tech info mostly). Must recap with Rajko someday soon.

@parallax: 03 Protocol has a meaning now, but explaining it would take a lot of time to do in detail. Just.. saying it xD.
It's good to see the project is still running. Which site should I check for updates, this, or mxoemu.info?
@adamos_w : Please read the faq first : http://www.mxoemu.info/forum/thread-581.html
@ morpheus: goodluck on the new job mate!

@ parallax: Nice man, keep us posted.

@capt. vesu: Hey there sir, good to hear from you, hows the old hovercraft holdin up? Wink
Just to let you guys know, I thought I'd try my hand at the 80bc (Ability Loading/Unloading) header. Pray for me. Big Grin
Unfortunately I have no way of knowing which byte-pair will change loading position, because I'm unsure of where the Self-defense MA is loaded. So I don't think randomly changing things will help.
I can however get it to change a single ability in and out as long as you grab the id and change a single byte. So that's a start.
I guess I also have to take into account swapping abilities directly (placing Fly Virus on top of Revitalize RSI to swap).